BAI’s Credit Analysis Skills Workshop

BAI’s Credit Analysis Skills Workshop addresses the unique financial and non­-financial considerations for credit analysis and other important factors critical to sound underwriting principles. Participants will learn how to:

  • Monitor collateral and loan documentation
  • Recognize the warning signs of existing and emerging loan problems
  • Determine and report the severity of loan problems including delinquency, uncooperative borrowers and negative trends in financial performance

As a workshop participant, you will emerge with the skills and knowledge needed to improve your job performance and broaden the scope of your role within your organization.

Case Studies will be used extensively. Please bring a calculator to the session.


Credit Analysis Procedures

  • Purpose of loan analysis
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Loan grading

Financial Statement Analysis

  • Purpose of financial statement analysis
  • Analytical techniques
  • Cash flow analysis-SFAS 95 I UCA Cash Flow
  • Converting tax return income to cash
  • Industry comparisons
  • Working capital conversion cycle

Non-Financial Credit Considerations

  • Character
  • Management ability
  • Industry

The Credit Write-up

  • Critiquing sample credit write-up


  • Valuation issues
  • Accounts receivable and inventory considerations
  • Tracking systems

Loan Documentation

  • Documentation requirements
  • Documentation monitoring & tracking

Problem Loans

  • Benefits of early detection
  • Major causes of problem loans
  • Key elemenls of problem loan action plans

Loan Types the Workshop
Leaders Will Discuss Include

  • Retail and service business
  • Manufacturing
  • Income-producing real estate
  • Workout strategies