BAI Payments Connect 2014

Sales Effectiveness Summit

For retail financial services companies, revenue margins are under siege and sales executives must determine the best ways to develop, incent and measure sales effectiveness to deliver greater customer value and new opportunities and expand existing revenue streams and wallet share.

Summit Leader

Kyle Barnett, Senior Vice President, Head of Personal and Small Business Sales Force Effectiveness, BMO Harris Bank

Kyle Barnett is the Head of Personal and Small Business Sales Force Effectiveness for BMO Harris Bank, which has over 2 million customers and 650 bank branches located across 7 states. Mr. Barnett joined BMO Harris Bank in 2010 to develop and deploy a sales performance operating model for the branch network. Prior to joining BMO Harris Bank, Mr. Barnett worked for Citizens Financial Group (part of Royal Bank of Scotland) where he had a variety of roles in Business Banking including front line sales management, business strategy and sales support.

  1. 3:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
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