Retail Delivery: Meeting The Growth Challenge 

BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report:
Retail Delivery: Meeting The Growth Challenge

The litany of challenges facing retail bankers – a sluggish economy, increased regulatory burdens, fee income constraints and uncertainty about the direction of interest rates – needs no elaboration here. The important question is how executives can respond to these challenges while continuing to grow their businesses and build for the future,
which is the topic of our latest BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report entitled “Retail Delivery: Meeting the Growth Challenge.”

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Fee Waivers for Checking Accounts
To keep the checking account at the center of customer relationships, some banks are increasing the options for customers to win fee waivers for using the accounts.

Differentiating Through the Customer Experience
Delivering a unique customer experience requires a connected business strategy driven by marketing analytics.

e-Signature Expands Across Branch Transactions
e-Signature technology is proving helpful to retail banks as they struggle to cut costs and boost efficiency in their branches.

Banking on Better Returns for Marketing Investments
To be competitive in this decade, financial institutions need the kind of real-time decision making provided by integrated marketing management.

Fine Tuning Employee Compensation Plans
An effective compensation plan balances expense control with both short- and long-term growth objectives.


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