New Challenges in Fraud & Risk Management 

BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report:
New Challenges in Fraud & Risk Management

It’s a truism in our fast digitizing world that rapid advances in technology lead to rapid advances in fraud as criminals figure out how to exploit new vulnerabilities. Nowhere is this more true than in financial services, where banks find themselves trying to keep up with dizzying advances in electronic payments and mobile banking.

We examine that phenomenon in this BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report entitled “New Challenges in Fraud and Risk Management.”

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Golden Oldies in Bank Fraud
As fraudsters become more technologically sophisticated, they often turn their nefarious attention to traditional forms of bank fraud.

Big Data Offers Big Protection from Cybercriminals
Thwarting cybercrime requires real-time, event-driven behavior analytics and the ability to link new threat alerts to existing suspicious cases.

The Customer Defense Layer Against Payments Fraud
Client education provides a key layer in bank defenses when combatting payments fraud.

Trends and Innovations around Knowledge-Based Authentication
The future of fraud mitigation is to leverage frictionless techniques, along with multilayered and multi-dimensional questions, to achieve strong authentication.

The Safety Factor in Mobile Banking
Even as banks embrace the growth potential of mobile banking, they also need to embrace the need for robust security.


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