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BAI offers two levels of BAI Membership for retail financial institutions and their employees.

A free BAI Membership provides retail banking executives with free subscriptions to BAI Banking Strategies online and BAI Banking Strategies Daily, as well as special offers and discounts on conferences and research and express registration for BAI Events and Webinars. Enroll for a free BAI Membership by just signing up to the left of this screen.

A BAI Enterprise Membership (For Financial Institutions) offers a plethora of benefits above and beyond a free membership, including access to BAI market intelligence and exclusive research reports, discounts on BAI events and conferences, the best of BAI Retail Delivery In Demand, as well as access to our entire BAI Webinar Series and archived Webinars.

The BAI Enterprise Membership Advantage  
  Keep your staff better informed with unbiased information to innovate and stay up to date in the evolving retail financial services marketplace. Your membership provides tools, insights and resources for your organization to navigate in an increasingly complex financial marketplace.