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Marketing and Promotion Making a Difference with Loyalty Programs
Rather than blindly offering rewards to customers, financial institutions need to use loyalty programs to build brand loyalty.

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On March 23, the Royal Bank of Scotland said it would further reduce its stake in Citizens Financial Group by selling 115 million shares, or 21 percent, of the American retail bank, which was spun off in an initial public offering last year.
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The Regional Bank Coalition of 10 regional lenders was launched on March 23 to challenge the Dodd-Frank Act requirements that apply to bank holding companies with at least $50 billion in assets.
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Square's peer-to-peer Square Cash payment app has been augmented with a merchant payment capability called $Cashtag, which enables users to create $Cashtag identifiers to include in ads, business cards, and other interactions in which the user solicits a payment.
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