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How Organizations Are Implementing Compliance Policies and Training

BAI provides compliance training and solutions designed for financial services organizations to help reduce organizational risks, improve compliance efficiencies and provide key information.

How Organizations Exceed Expectations

BAI provides benchmarking resources to help you better understand your organization’s relative performance. Tailor your preferred reports and leverage the insights to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

How Leaders Better Understand Key Issues

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Strategies for customer growth, deposits & retention

The timing of an interest-rate change is anyone’s guess. That means your time is better spent on smart, longer-view strategies for growing deposits and pulling in customers who will stay with you for the bulk of their banking needs and as their financial transactions get more complex.

As we explore in our February BAI Executive Report, you might rethink what constitutes ideal customer primacy as younger banking generations transact differently, and across more digital options, than older generations. There’s little doubt about the value that Millennials and Gen Z hold for our industry. They need sound banking opportunities more than ever. Why? They’re only at the beginning of the largest transfer of wealth ever witnessed.

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Fight fraud collectively for the biggest impact

Large-scale security breaches unfortunately position fraud as a top concern and expense for the financial services industry. Especially alarming for banks is fast-growing synthetic identity fraud. These schemes use a combination of stolen real data and fake information to create new personas, and alone could hit $23 billion in losses by 2030 if unchecked.* A number that size means the industry response must be equally strong, relying on real-time solutions, leveraging AI and pooling industry-wide fraud intelligence.

Crystal Blythe, vice president of customer success and fraud management at IDology, a GBG company, joins us to share her best ideas on technology and people-powered insight. Most of all, she urges cooperation, not competition, when it comes to fighting fraud.

Always Moving Forward: How BAI Helps You Build a Stronger Future

Leaders and employees are faced with hundreds of decisions every day. Making smarter decisions is how you better serve your customers and communities. Driving positive change is how you prepare for the future.

At BAI, we provide forward-thinking knowledge and information about the industry as a whole to help you prepare for what’s next.

Unbiased. Forward-thinking. Always evolving. Our only agenda is helping you make smarter decisions.

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If you want to do meaningful work in an organization that both sees and shapes the future of the financial services industry, check out careers at BAI. We’d love for you to be a part of what’s next!

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