Our Mission

BAI exists to give financial services leaders the confidence to make smart business decisions, every day. We are passionate about our mission and believe that a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses, and communities thrive.

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  • Powerful Tools

    Identify with unbiased perspectives, accurate and timely data, and comparative analytics.

  • Relevant Content

    Learn through interactive experiences, trusted research, and focused education and training.

  • Meaningful Connections

    Take advantage of opportunities for industry leaders and peers to build knowledge and expertise and discover new ideas and trends.

BAI Global Innovation Awards

The 2017 Global Innovation Awards Submission Deadline is Coming Up

Submit your Global Innovation Awards nomination by April 28 for a chance to be recognized for all of the important work you’re doing to move the industry forward.

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Actionable Insights

Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency

Consumers are accelerating their adoption of new technology, which is one key driver for Financial Institutions to shift more toward digital banking. In addition, leading retailers are engaging customers in superior buying experiences and conditioning customers to expect the utmost in convenience and personalization. As a result, customers now expect the same - or better - from their Financial Institutions. Gain valuable insights on how consumers value digital banking services, both in how often they use these services and how they use them through a recent BAI Consumer Digital Banking Survey.

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