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CUToday – August 2022

4 Steps to Reduce Fraud and Cybercrime

In a recent survey of financial services leaders and consumers, BAI found that fraud continues to be a significant digital banking concern for all age groups. While financial services leaders have long been focused on fraud reduction, their efforts continue to increase. According to the survey, 60% of financial services leaders have increased their fraud reduction efforts this year.

Cutimes – July 2022

How to Engage & Retain Gen Z Members

BAI recently released research on the trends and interests of Gen Z. “A Look at Gen Z Banking Habits and Attitudes” provides insights to understand generational banking attitudes and expectations. The research uncovered that, unlike older age groups, Gen Z does not feel as tethered to traditional financial service providers and is less likely to bank with only one financial services organization.

Yahoo Money – July 2022

Swimming against the current: Young Americans reject the banks they’re born into

A recent report from the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) found that less than half of Gen Z and millennials used the same financial institution as their parents in 2021. That's a significant drop compared to 61% of Gen Z and 54% of millennials in 2020. With younger customers fully aware of their wealth of options — and valuing very different things than their parents — big banks will need to catch up to remain relevant.

Cubroadcast – July 2022

BAI Small Business Banking Study Shows Credit Unions Trail Regional Banks in NPS

BAI’s Managing Director Karl Dahlgren joined Cubroadcast on the show to share findings from BAI’s latest small business banking study, surveying more than 600 small businesses at $20 million and below.

Banking Exchange - May 2022

Neo-Banks Attracting Small Business Clients, Research Finds

Online neo-banks are increasingly attracting the business of small companies ahead of larger, more established banks, according to new research by BAI.

Financial Brand - April 2022

4 Ways to Keep Younger Consumers from Leaving Your Bank for Fintechs

Gen Z and Millennials still express a strong level of trust for banks and credit unions, but trust doesn't lead to loyalty anymore. Younger consumers are increasingly looking to fintechs for superior digital capabilities and cryptocurrency access. They're also quite willing to leave banks that don’t meet their standards for sustainability and diversity.

The Financial Brand - March 2022

Why Bank Transformation Strategies Should Be ‘Digital First’ Not ‘Digital Only’

Bank Branches to Drive Relationship Building. BAI research indicates that branches will not go away completely. Leaders may be reducing their footprints or reconfiguring their purpose, but there will be a real need for the foreseeable future for branches — and for the sake of consumers that have proven to be misunderstood.

CUbroadcast - January 2022

BAI Banking Outlook Survey Shares Top Priorities for FI Leaders Heading into 2022…

BAI Managing Director Karl Dahlgren joined CUbroadcast to share the latest insights gained from their “BAI Banking Outlook: Are you prepared for 2022?”

CUbroadcast - January 2022

BAI Research Findings Brings Pandemic Effects on Mental Health to Light…

BAI’s Holly Hughes joined CUbroadcast to share their research findings on the positive and negative impacts of the pandemic regarding mental health and work/life balance -- which have both made headlines this year.

Finopotamus - November 2021

Studies Consider the Pandemic’s Lingering Impact on Financial Services

The pandemic has had an influence on financial services from both member and employee perspectives. A pair of studies takes a closer look on lingering impacts.

Finopotamus - September 2021

Panel: Credit Unions and Changing Banking Preferences (Part 3)

In this final installment of a three-part virtual panel discussion focusing on credit unions and changing banking preferences, a trio of banking industry financial technology professionals offer their insightful perspective.

Finopotamus - September 2021

Panel: Credit Unions and Changing Banking Preferences (Part 2)

In this second installment of a three-part virtual panel discussion focusing on credit unions and changing banking preferences, a trio of banking industry financial technology professionals offer their insightful perspective.

Finopotamus - September 2021

Panel: Credit Unions and Changing Banking Preferences (Part 1)

In this first installment of a three-part virtual panel discussion focusing on credit unions and changing banking preferences, a trio of banking industry financial technology professionals offer their insightful perspective.

Forbes - June 2021

Digital First Doesn’t Equal Digital Only

A digital-first approach optimizes the channels consumers use in a different way. For the branch, it’s incorporating digital banking into the delivery model that consumers want to see. Learn more from BAI CEO Debbie Bianucci.

CUBroadcast - May 2021

How Forward-Thinking Leadership Sets the Tone for Innovation at Credit Unions…

BAI Chief Marketing Officer Holly Hughes joined CUbroadcast for a lively discussion on the role of leadership in fostering innovation within the credit union. How does leadership really set the tone around innovation -- especially its importance in the culture and the way the organization conducts its business.

CUToday - May 2021

As Consumers Do More Business Digitally, New Research IDs The Tech People Want to Use

New research has found that since the pandemic began 43% of consumers are now doing their banking digitally, with 24% saying they have increased their digital banking usage. The research, conducted by BAI, further found nearly all customers (84%) say they plan to maintain the same level of digital usage once in-person banking resumes.

MarketScreener - May 2021

Bank of Montreal : BMO Financial Group Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results

BMO were recognized for their digital capabilities that help customers make real financial progress, including two digital innovation awards for BMO CashTrack, an artificial intelligence-driven capability that provides customers with financial insights to predict cash shortfalls up to seven days in advance. The solution was recognized with a 2020 BAI Global Innovation Award and won a 2021 Celent Model Bank Award for financial wellness.

The Financial Brand - May 2021

The Pandemic Has Changed How Everyone Banks (And Here’s How)

A new survey from BAI found while all consumers are moving further to digital banking, there’s a growing generational variance in what they want and how they expect financial institutions to deliver.

American Bankers Association - May 2021

What Banks Need to Know About Credential Stuffing and How to Stop It

Digital banking has soared during the pandemic. According to research by BAI, 52 percent of people have increased their use of digital banking services. That rate jumps to 70 percent for millennials.

Tearsheet - May 2021

Banking software providers are helping their clients go digital

BAI, a nonprofit that produces insights on the financial services industry, found in its research that 52% of customers are using digital banking applications more since the start of the pandemic and that 87% of consumers plan on maintaining their increased digital usage after the pandemic.

International Banker - April 2021

COVID Left Banks Scrambling for Digital Solutions. Now, They Need to Evaluate Those Investments

In the banking industry, there is little question that COVID-19 forced digital adoption at an unparalleled rate. Years-long timelines for preplanned digital transformations were suddenly condensed into a matter of months — as “shelter in place” mandates forced consumers across the globe to move their financial activities online. And move online they did: A report from Deloitte shows that, by April 2020, 35% of American consumers had increased their usage of online banking tools. Four months later, half of the respondents to a Bank Administration Institute (BAI) survey said they were using digital products more than they did before the pandemic.

Finopotamus - April 2021

Significant Shifts in in Generational Banking Preferences

Research by Chicago-based BAI, which provides in-depth comparative analytics and market research to the financial services industry, revealed how the pandemic accelerated changes in consumer banking preferences among baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z customers.

BIGCAST - April 2021

Payments Leaders, and the Consumers Who (Might) Follow

In this BIGcast podcast, Glen Sarvady speaks with Fiserv SVP of Government Relations Kim Ford about the newly created Payments Leadership Council and BAI Research Director Karl Dahlgren about the surprising ways each generation’s banking attitudes have shifted since the pandemic.

CUToday - April 2021

New Research Reveals How Pandemic Has Accelerated Shifts in Banking Behavior, Including By Generation

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated shifts in banking behavior, including by generation, according to new research from BAI. The research reveals how the pandemic has affected behaviors among Baby Boomers (Boomers+), Generation X (Gen X), Millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) and offers insights to better understand generational banking preferences to equip financial services leaders to plan for the future, according to BAI.

American Banker - April 2021

PayPal is building a ‘super app.’ Should banks be worried?

The tremendous growth in e-commerce last year appears to have boosted the value of PayPal’s consumer brand. In 2019, a survey of U.S. consumers found that only 5% of respondents would trust PayPal most to handle their finances. Just one year later, 19% of respondents said the same, according to the survey, which was conducted by the nonprofit research firm BAI.

Credit Union Times - March 2021

Market Stresses Are Forcing Mergers

Organization-wide engagement and communication is key for CUs that find it’s in their best interest to pursue a merger.

Nerdwallet - March 2021

Citibank Business Checking: 2021 Review

Citibank's business checking accounts offer simple brick-and-mortar banking with high monthly cash deposit limits.

Forbes - March 2021

The Board’s Role In Overseeing Risk Has Never Been More Challenging

Whether it is deployment of significant capital to address a multi-threat competitive environment or a major transformation like a merger, senior management’s and the board’s role is critical in the continuous monitoring and mitigation of today’s increasingly challenging risks.

CUNA - March 2021

Dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’ with digital lending

Engagement and communication are important for digital lending, but so is the efficiency of the platform itself.

Forbes - March 2021

Get An Edge By Getting To Know Your Competitors

Being a competitive leader shouldn’t keep you from collaborating with other executives in your industry, including your rivals. In fact, with technology and our networked economy impacting every business, winning may require more collaboration than ever before.

BIGCast Podcast - January 2021

Consumers Want Digital – But What Does That Mean?

Karl Dahlgren speaks about BAI’s annual Banking Outlook and some potential disconnects between consumer and industry focus areas. Also, the latest on Affirm, Plaid, Walmart’s fintech foray, and changes at the CFPB and OCC.

Bank Business News - January 2021

Four Trends Shaping Financial Services Strategy in 2021

According to the 2021 BAI Banking Outlook research, financial services leaders have identified improving the customer digital experience as both the top business challenge and the top investment priority in the coming year. Investment in technology integration and platforms will be vital to retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers digitally.

Breaking Banks Fintech - December 2020

Banking on a Better Tomorrow

As we approach the end of a very disruptive and chaotic year, we can’t help but ponder what 2021 will hold for financial institutions, fintech, and VC. In this episode, we speak to Debbie Bianucci, President & Chief Executive Officer of BAI, to hear her thoughts on the last 11 months and predictions for the new year.

CU Insight - December 2020

BAI Research Finds Improving The Customer Experience Remains The Top Business Challenge For Financial Services Organizations In 2021

BAI, a nonprofit independent organization that delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, unveiled new research addressing the top priorities on financial services leaders minds and changing consumer attitudes in 2021. The findings were unveiled during a recent webinar, BAI Banking Outlook: What You Need to Know to Prepare for 2021.

Forbes - December 2020

Three Key Factors For Effective 2021 Planning In Financial Services

Developing solid plans now will enable financial services leaders to guide their organizations to successfully manage the many challenging short-term pressures ahead while keeping long-term priorities in clear sight.

The Financial Brand - December 2020

Does Being a ‘Primary Financial Institution’ Mean What It Used To?

Traditional banking institutions still enjoy some benefits of being consumers' financial focal point. But attitudes are changing — especially among Gen Z, which loves 'à la carte finance.' Increasing reliance on mobile offerings and toughening competition from fintechs and challengers like Chime all point to an evolution in how consumers handle their money.

CU Today - November 2020

In Surveys 6 Months Apart, Here’s What Americans Are Saying About Their Finances

A new survey conducted during September has found 52% of Americans say the pandemic has affected their personal finances, an increase from the 47% found in a similar survey in May.

CU Today - October 2020

What Will Drive Success in an Increasingly Digital World?

As reported in September, research conducted by BAI in August 2020 found that 52% of consumers are using digital banking services more often since the start of the pandemic. The survey also found that 87% of consumers said they plan to continue their increased usage, even after the pandemic ends.

CU Insight - October 2020

3 tips to build consumer trust on data security

BAI’s Banking Outlook reports that 83% of financial service organizations feel an increased sense of urgency to implement digital initiatives. COVID-19 has only served to increase this pressure as digital use increased at the onset of the pandemic in March and April. However, with an increase in digital banking, there’s heightened security concerns, including fraud attempts, technology failures, and user errors. According to 2020 BAI research, 38% of consumers across all generations report that their biggest frustration with digital banking remains the fear of fraud and security concerns.

CU Broadcast - November 2020

How COVID Changed Consumer Behavior Toward Digital Banking Adoption.

We've known since the early days of the pandemic how consumer digital adoption of just about any service financial or not skyrocketed. Many organizations in many industries -- credit unions included -- were scrambling to get their digital offerings ready for consumers to use to meet their pressing needs due to COVID. To put some numbers behind this occurrence and set the stage for the rest of 2020, as well as 2021, we invited BAI’s Managing Director Karl Dahlgren on the show. Karl shared how the pandemic changed the behaviors of consumers regarding digital banking tool adoption and utilization.

The Financial Brand - October 2020

Three Steps Banks & Credit Unions Can Take to Max Digital Engagement

The sharp switch to digital banking interactions has nullified many of the advantages of traditional institutions. Banks and credit unions can regain their edge by better understanding the customer, providing personalized insights and suggesting next-best actions.

Forbes - September 2020

The Only One In The Room: An Unexpected Experience In Diversity

While BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci does not pretend to understand what people of color experience in their lives, she understands how hard it is when you are different than those around you. Bianucci shares a story of being the only woman in a room of older white men, and why diversity, equity and inclusion should be on the front burner for financial services organizations.

Finopotamus - September 2020

BAI Survey: Finservs Experience Toxic Mixture of Fraud

To address the constant change in fraud type and volume, BAI recommends that leaders continue to enhance technology that helps verify and authenticate customer identities. Artificial intelligence and big data technology are among the innovations used for better authentication to ward off fraud.

CU Insight - September 2020

Credit unions caught in the BLM cross-fire

With the headline making news last week that the NCUA and FDIC are the least diverse workforces among federal financial regulators following the member uprising over lack of credit union board diversity in California, credit unions must take note of the myriad of risks involved by not making diversity, equity and inclusion a strategic initiative. The good news is that it also presents a tremendous opportunity to increase innovation, employee retention and the authenticity of the credit union brand of social responsibility.

CUToday - September 2020

COVID-19 Has Permanently changed How Consumers Interact With Financial Services, Survey Suggests

According to research by BAI, which explores the usage of digital banking tools since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half (52%) of consumers are using digital banking applications more since the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, 87% of consumers plan on maintaining their increased usage after the end of the pandemic.

Credit Union Times - September 2020

Digital Banking Tools See Dramatic Rise in Use During COVID: BAI Research

New research released this week showed how significant the pandemic has been and will be for consumers using mobile and digital banking tools.

Motley Fool - September 2020

The COVID-19 Crisis Is Disproportionately Affecting Renters

The COVID-19 crisis has hurt a lot of people financially. Millions have lost their jobs or seen their earnings take a hit. And apparently, renters are having a harder time coping than homeowners, according to a survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® and BAI.

Forbes - September 2020

15 Expert Strategies For Managing Your New Business’s Financial Risk

Some entrepreneurs may not know as much about the financial side of running a business—including managing risk. With startups facing a steep road to survival in the first few years, it’s vital for new business owners to learn the ropes of financial risk management, even if they outsource the management of the details.

Jack Henry - July 2020

A Watershed Year for Digital Spending

Financial services leaders moved with record-breaking speed to respond to customer requests and digital expectations in response to COVID-19. Read more from BAI managing director Karl Dahlgren on how this shift challenged the traditional banking model beyond the pandemic.

Forbes - July 2020

How Finance Leaders Can Navigate The Storm

The events of the first half of 2020 will not be the last catalyst to drive change and innovation that defines the customer experience financial services organizations deliver. There is historical precedence for large-scale events such as these to fuel higher rates of adoption and innovation, and strong leaders take the time to listen and learn, and then act.

Bank Business News - July 2020

The Power of Collaboration: Financial Services Organizations and Fintechs Working Together to Meet Customer Needs

Traditional financial services organizations have always sought innovative new ways to meet the broader needs of their customer base. By collaborating with fintech firms who have created specialized platforms to meet specific needs in the marketplace, both organizations can magnify their individual impact.

CUNA Councils - April 2020

Four Ways Credit Union Leaders Can Leverage Data to Drive Growth Strategies

During uncertain times, credit union leaders must seek every competitive advantage they have to retain membership and gain new members. Each piece of member and prospect data needs to be leveraged to maximize operational efficiency and member experience.

Bank Business News - March 2020

Waiting for Winter: Embrace Operational Efficiency Strategies in the Strong Times to Prepare for Any Market Scenario

Today, financial services leaders face a different combination of industry pressures that will challenge how they approach efficiency. Building and maintaining a balanced operational efficiency strategy is more important than ever. Keeping operational efficiency a constant and intentional focus will ensure preparedness for any business or market scenario.

MBA Newslink - December 2019

BAI: Disconnect Between Consumers and Bankers Regarding Technology Expectations in 2020

Uncovering the top concerns for financial services leaders and changing consumer demands expectations in 2020.

The Financial Brand - November 2019

How to Grow Deposits in a Weird Rate Environment

Five strategies can help banks and credit unions raise or retain deposits in the face of growing competition from big tech firms, internet banks, and megabanks.

CUtoday - November 2019

Disconnect Between Financial Execs and Consumers on Technology Expectations

There’s a disconnect between financial services leaders and consumers when it comes to technology expectations. CU Today breaks down key findings from BAI Banking Outlook: Preparing for 2020.

The Financial Brand - November 2019

New Google Checking Accounts Threaten to Shake Up Banking Industry

Is your organization taking advantage of digital real estate? BAI’s Karl Dahlgren weighs in on the financial services industry’s continuing transformation from traditional branches to meeting digital-natives’ demands.

PYMNTS - November 2019

How SMBs’ Digital Banking Demands Change the KYC Challenge for Banks

Banks are lacking digital options for businesses – what’s holding them back?

CUBroadcast - November 2019

#1161: BAI Report Shows Consumers Moving to Direct Banks for Convenience, Better Rates, and Lower Fees…

Join Karl Dahlgren, managing director of research, and CUBroadcast host Mike Lawson to dive deep into key findings from BAI Banking Outlook: Are Direct Banks Winning?

Credit Union Times - November 2019

Wanted: The Best of Everything

Consumers, for now, want the best of both worlds – in-person and digital – to meet their financial needs.

CUtoday - October 2019

4 CU Leaders Selected for BAI’s Emerging Leaders Network

CU Today celebrates and congratulates 2019/2020 BAI Emerging Leaders from various credit unions.

CUtoday - October 2019

World’s Most ‘Transformative’ Financial Solutions Are Named

CU Today recognizes the 2019 BAI Global Innovation Award winners.

Forbes - September 2019

Evolution, Not Revolution: How Tech is Driving Change in Banking

Technology is in near-constant evolution. Financial services leaders looking to succeed in the tech age need to focus on delivering a digital experience that meets and exceeds consumers’ expectations.

MortgageOrb - September 2019

Debbie Bianucci: Employee Engagement Starts with a Values-Driven Culture

The mortgage lending business has many unique characteristics that drive how executives set strategy, plan and lead. These factors impact all aspects of the business, particularly talent planning.

BankNews - September 2019

Community bank out-pace rest of industry

Community banks reported a pretax return on average assets of 1.48 percent in second quarter 2019, up 7 basis points from a year ago.

The Financial Brand - August 2019

How Traditional Institutions Can Fight Back When Direct Banks Attack

By understanding Gen Xers’ individualism as well as their shared characteristics, values and beliefs, credit unions can better communicate with and appeal to Gen Xers on how membership can help them achieve their specific financial goals and objectives.

CUtoday - August 2019

How CUs Can Win Over Generation X

A new survey of more than 450 financial services executives has found value in having someone responsible for ethics within an organization.

CUNA Councils - August 2019

Talent: Your Most Powerful Competitive Edge

As a leader in your organization, perhaps your most important responsibility is to attract and retain top talent to achieve your strategic objectives. No one questions the importance of talent, but successfully identifying and developing key people is easier said than done.

CUtoday - July 2019

Survey of Financial Execs Finds Value in Having Ethics Officers

A new survey of more than 450 financial services executives has found value in having someone responsible for ethics within an organization.

MBA Insights - June 2019

Hold Back The Flood Waters: Keeping Up with FDPA to Ensure Mortgage Compliance

BAI's Ed Marcheselli shares his perspective on FDPA Compliance. "Mortgage leaders should build FDPA compliance training into their annual professional development plans to ensure that they are compliant with the latest regulatory expectations."

BIGCast - May 2019

Smarter. Faster. Better. Stronger.

Byron Marshall from BAI joins host Glen Sarvady to discuss BAI's most recent Banking Outlook findings, fintech compliance and blockchian on this episode of the BIGCast podcast.

The Financial Brand - March 2019

Financial Marketers May Be Ambushed By Deposit-Flight Risks

Marketers must assess the potential for depositor 'flight risk,' and spot opportunities to pick off depositors from competitors.

MSN - February 2019

9 Clues That Its Time to Break Up With Your Bank

Some relationships just don’t stand the test of time. Are you falling out of love with your bank? Here are nine signs that it’s time to break up with your bank.

BankNews - February 2019

How Engaged Is Your Talent?

A lack of leadership training could have employees looking elsewhere.

The Financial Brand - February 2019

Have Traditional Checking Accounts Become Obsolete?

Consumers have many places to put their money, and can move it quickly out of traditional transaction accounts. This makes "classic checking" less valuable for banking providers than it was in the past. Experts suggest building new packages that solve consumers' problems and serve them better.

Bank Innovation - February 2019

Banks Won’t Skimp on Technology Spend Despite Bleak Economic Predictions

Despite predictions of a bleak economy and decreasing investment spending from businesses, banks will not be cutting down their technology spend in 2019.

MBA NewsLink - February 2019

BAI Launches New Executive Dashboards for Strategic Performance Analysis

The first release of this new tool is focused on measuring business and consumer banking key performance metrics derived from participant organizations' account level data.

BankNews - February 2019

BAI Launches New Executive Dashboards for Strategic Performance Analysis

Through detailed data visualization, senior financial services leaders can use the dashboards to compare monthly performance with key competitors to better understand growth and growth potential.

AP News - February 2019

BAI Launches New Executive Dashboards for Strategic Performance Analysis

BAI developed the Executive Dashboard platform to solve a need in the industry for timely and relevant insights in a regularly updated, high-level overview of key performance metrics relative to peer organizations.

The MReport - February 2019

The Industry’s Top Leaders to the Rescue

A look at what it takes for a top boss to lead by example through interviews and instances that provide insights into the qualities and characteristics of a good leader.

Social Advisory - January 2019

BAI named a fintech influencer to follow in 2019

In his first ranking of the top fintech influencer organizations, Social Advisory's Jay Palter identified BAI as one of the 100 “most followed, shared and engaged” companies discussing fintech topics online.

The Financial Brand - January 2019

How Banking Providers Can Get Their Digital Strategy Right in 2019

BAI President and CEO Debbie Bianucci is one of four banking experts that explain what a brand new bank or credit union might look like if it launched tomorrow.

MBA Insights - January 2019

Ed Marcheselli of BAI on the ROI of Compliance Training

BAI's managing director of Learning & Development explains how mortgage leaders are currently approaching compliance training, and how they can ensure positive ROI from it.

The Financial Brand - January 2019

Online-Only Banks Threatening Traditional Banks and Credit Unions

According to BAI research, online account opening has become the method of choice among consumers. But opportunities to open accounts online are lacking.

CUtoday - January 2019

A Look at Some of What is Being Predicted

The top trends and expectations for the financial services industry in 2019 have been released by BAI.

BankNews - December 2018

Young Employees Want Banks to Bring the ‘Sexy’ Back

During a discussion at BAI Beacon, BAI's Emerging Leaders did not hold back when it came to discussing what’s missing as banks and credit unions struggle to attract younger employees in a tight labor market.

BankNews - November 2018

Young Bankers Wish Banks Would Function Less Like Banks, More Like Tech Startups

During a wide-ranging conversation at BAI Beacon in Orlando, three members of BAI's Emerging Leaders Network weigh in on workplace culture, hiring and the impact of the Great Recession.

MortgageOrb - October 2018

‘Customer Journey Mapping’ Delivers Deep Insights for Mortgage Companies

As far as the mortgage lifecycle goes, BAI's Byron Marshall writes, 30 years is a long “journey,” but there are huge advantages to sharing that journey with their borrowers every step of the way.

BIGCast - October 2018

BAI Beacon Forecast: Strong Winds Ahead

BAI Beacon 2018 took place in Orlando with a focus on fintech and innovation. Among Glen Savardy's on-site interviews was one with BAI's Karl Dahlgren and Mark Riddle on the BAI Banking Outlook.

Banking CIO Outlook - October 2018

Using Data Wisely to Remain Competitive

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about using data to drive strategy, BAI's Karl Dahlgren writes, but there is an infinite amount of information out there that can be overwhelming.

CUNA Councils - October 2018

Why Focus on Millennials?

The millennial generation is poised to become the largest consumer group in the United States, BAI's Karl Dahlgren writes, making them potentially the largest group of members for any one credit union

American Banker - October 2018

What Gen Z Wants From Banks

Payments are one of the many systems that banks need to move faster to re-engineer to meet the demands of the up-and-coming Generation Z, Bill Handel of Raddon explained at BAI Beacon.

CUtoday - October 2018

BAI Beacon Coverage: Amazon’s Former Chief Scientist Has Questions About Data

The exponentially increasing presence of data and computing power is creating new questions for both individuals and all businesses, including financial institutions, according to Amazon’s former chief scientist.

The Financial Brand - October 2018

Banking on Millennials: Balancing Branch Preferences And Digital Expectations

Research from BAI takes a sledgehammer to the myth that millennials want all digital, all the time.

MortgageOrb - October 2018

How to Retain and Engage Valuable Mortgage Staff

As with any organization, BAI's Ed Marcheselli writes, lenders understand that managing and retaining talented employees is important for their long-term success.

BIGcast - September 2018

Podcast: Driving New Sales and Just Plain Driving

BAI director of research Byron Marshall talks about BAI's latest research on cross-selling and new account opening.

Bank Innovation - September 2018

To Cross-Sell to New Account Holders or Not to Cross-Sell?

Cross-selling new accounts or new products/services to consumers is damaging a bank's customer loyalty as well as causing existing customers to give their financial institution a lower Net Promoter Score (NPS), according to the latest BAI Banking Outlook.

BankNews - September 2018

The 2019 Strategic Plan: Prioritize to Accommodate the Industry’s Top Concerns

As the end of 2018 quickly approaches, BAI managing director Karl Dahlgren explains why bank leaders should take this time to reflect on their strategic course for 2019.

CUNA Councils - August 2018

The Top Three Strategic Priorities for Credit Unions in 2019

When performing their yearly strategic planning, BAI's Karl Dahlgren says, credit unions should keep in mind the popular saying, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”

The Financial Brand - August 2018

Fixing Banking’s Pain Points Takes More Than Digital Bells & Whistles

In a BAI Banking Outlook webinar, “Trends In Marketing & Customer Acquisition,” serious questions were raised about banking providers’ ability to give consumers what they want, how they want it, when they want it.

MortgageOrb - July 2018

To Prepare For TRID 2.0, Mortgage Lenders Must Be Proactive

BAI's Karl Dahlgren explains what lenders have been doing to prepare for the changes and projects what the impact on the industry and consumers will be.