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CUToday – August 2022

4 Steps to Reduce Fraud and Cybercrime

In a recent survey of financial services leaders and consumers, BAI found that fraud continues to be a significant digital banking concern for all age groups. While financial services leaders have long been focused on fraud reduction, their efforts continue to increase. According to the survey, 60% of financial services leaders have increased their fraud reduction efforts this year.

Cutimes – July 2022

How to Engage & Retain Gen Z Members

BAI recently released research on the trends and interests of Gen Z. “A Look at Gen Z Banking Habits and Attitudes” provides insights to understand generational banking attitudes and expectations. The research uncovered that, unlike older age groups, Gen Z does not feel as tethered to traditional financial service providers and is less likely to bank with only one financial services organization.

Yahoo Money – July 2022

Swimming against the current: Young Americans reject the banks they’re born into

A recent report from the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) found that less than half of Gen Z and millennials used the same financial institution as their parents in 2021. That's a significant drop compared to 61% of Gen Z and 54% of millennials in 2020. With younger customers fully aware of their wealth of options — and valuing very different things than their parents — big banks will need to catch up to remain relevant.

Cubroadcast – July 2022

BAI Small Business Banking Study Shows Credit Unions Trail Regional Banks in NPS

BAI’s Managing Director Karl Dahlgren joined Cubroadcast on the show to share findings from BAI’s latest small business banking study, surveying more than 600 small businesses at $20 million and below.

Banking Exchange - May 2022

Neo-Banks Attracting Small Business Clients, Research Finds

Online neo-banks are increasingly attracting the business of small companies ahead of larger, more established banks, according to new research by BAI.