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Antitrust Compliance Statement

It is the policy of Bank Administration Institute and BAI Center to conduct all of their activities in full compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. In the course of meetings and other organization activities, it is important that each participant refrain from discussing, agreeing, or exchanging information regarding any competitively sensitive information with any other participant. Such information includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Fees charged or costs incurred
  • Any increase, decrease, or discount in fees or charges
  • What constitutes a fair cost or price level
  • Allocation of customer market areas or contracts with vendors
  • Refusal to deal with any customer, class or group of customers
  • Refusal to deal with any vendor, class or group of vendors
  • What products or services will be offered to customers
  • Other competitively sensitive information, such as information about market share, profits, margins, costs, reimbursement levels or methodologies for paying vendors, or terms of services.

Certain categories of information may be exchanged through a formal survey process conducted pursuant to Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

The same standards of conduct are to be observed at all formal, informal and social discussions at the sites of any BAI or BAI Center meetings.