Bob Olson



Jan 12, 2018

Through modern history, banks have pretty much owned the payment business: the rules, the operations, the settlement, the technology advances and most of all, the revenue it throws off.  That’s changing—but not nearly as fast, or […]


Mar 23, 2015

Whenever we hear laments about banking’s supposedly slow embrace of the cloud, we beg to differ. While a recent poll found that 52% of banks avoid cloud entirely, largely because of security concerns, you can also […]


May 7, 2014

Cloud may be just the latest point in outsourcing’s long arc, but for banks, it promises to be one of the most significant, if complex. Significant because cloud’s value is proving to be vast and varied […]


Jul 16, 2013

The high stakes world of bank cyber security can take inspiration from the traditional bank vault. In pre-cyber days, once the first bank in town installed one of those solid, gleaming fortresses, a new business was […]