David Vergara

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Jun 28, 2019

The complex stage where banks operate today resembles a theater where a trio of players vie for the spotlight. Regulations with punitive measures for non-compliance such as PSD2 in Europe drive stronger security. Bank growth initiatives […]


Jan 16, 2019

The banking industry has a multi-billion dollar fraud problem—and as fraudsters get more aggressive and resourceful, the costs will only rise. Financial institutions continue to spend more and more money on fraud tools, with seemingly no […]
Vergara Podcast


Sep 4, 2018

Growing customer base and income are priorities for banks, but that comes amidst an insidious form of growth: cyberthreats from determined bad actors. That creates a balancing act between keeping customers happy and keeping them...


Feb 12, 2018

A sophisticated crime where thieves install malicious software and/or hardware at ATMs—and force the machines to spit out up to 40 bills every 30 seconds—has for some time threatened banks in Europe and Asia. Yet these […]