Ed Marcheselli

loan and mortgage


Aug 28, 2020

Building a strong training program for all employees is a key step in responsibly serving the community and also staying onside with regulators.


Jan 8, 2020

Despite regulatory requirements continuously evolving, many financial services leaders are still trying to identify what their organization’s implementation best practices should be. Regardless, as customer needs and expectations continue to evolve, the requirements for accurately managing […]
digital convergence


Aug 29, 2019

Whether you view it as a necessity, or a necessary evil, there’s no getting around the fact that from all angles, compliance is expensive. Most estimates that account for the staffing, policy creation, process changes, technology […]
employee customer engagement A


Feb 4, 2019

For financial services organizations, compliance education is a necessary and regulatory requirement.  Due to the mandated nature of compliance training, many organizations often consider it a burden and approach it with a “check-the-box” mentality that reinforces […]