Edward G. Brown



May 8, 2016

The “open office” is a growing trend in corporate America. Eliminating walls and private offices is proving to be popular with CEOs, such as Citigroup’s Michael Corbat, who are certain of an open office’s cost reduction benefits and hopeful...


May 9, 2014

When you come across the words “bank efficiency,” more than likely “technology” and “consolidation” are in the vicinity. It’s almost an article of faith that those are the only two paths to bank efficiency: automation and […]


Nov 13, 2013

It has been called one of the greatest intercultural exchanges in history – offshore call centers handling millions of customer calls for banks and other companies. But there is a grim underside to the business: caller […]


Jul 27, 2012

“She has the words, but not the music,” said Mark Twain of his wife’s attempts at swearing. When your contact center reps talk to customers, is what they say similarly undermined by how they say it? […]


Nov 18, 2011

Are you setting up your sales and service people for failure by sending them unarmed into hostile territory? Are you leaving them to their own devices in dealing with unhappy customers? According to a recent study […]


Jul 8, 2011

Before Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III taxied US Airways Flight 1549 to take-off on January 15, 2009, he and his co-pilot took out the pre-flight checklist for the Airbus A320 and went through it meticulously, […]