Eric Grover



Jun 29, 2018

Sometimes industry self-regulation does a better job protecting consumers than government regulation does. The only viable way to curb outrageous and deceptive credit card foreign exchange fees is for the payments industry to police itself. Anyone […]


Feb 8, 2018

No institution has as much influence over price levels as the Federal Reserve Board of Governors—which also acts as the country’s paramount financial regulator. Present and expected future price levels undergird every economic decision: to extend credit, […]


Dec 6, 2017

While principally aimed at curbing the grey economy, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ballyhooed demonetization campaign last year spotlighted the war between cash and electronic payments in the mother of all emerging markets. And electronic payments […]


Jul 8, 2016

Handing someone a $100 bill is an instant payment. Likewise, proprietary systems such as PayPal and open, un-permissioned Bitcoin offer near real-time value transfer. For most consumers and businesses however, a leather or cryptocurrency wallet, cash […]


Jul 13, 2015

With the advent of Apple Pay and Android Pay, Bitcoin and EBay spinning off PayPal, payments are in the spotlight. But you’ve probably noticed that nonbanks have spearheaded most of this innovation, which wasn’t the case […]