George Warfel

George Warfel has worked in banking and payments for more than 30 years at SRI International, IBM and PwC. Currently he is General Manager, FinTech & Payments Strategy at IBM partner Haddon Hill Group, Inc. in Oakland, California. He can be reached at [email protected].



Feb 15, 2019

It’s fascinating to recall that less than 40 years ago, the internet and banks had literally yet to connect. Then in 1983, the Bank of Scotland offered its dial-up Internet banking product. Not long after, web-based […]


Oct 22, 2018

That sound you’ve grown accustomed to—the grinding of dulled gears and the banking of humbled heads against office walls—is banking industry disruption wrought by technology moving faster than ever. A generation ago something revolutionary like Excel […]


Jul 31, 2018

Faster Payments. For all the talk leading up to and following the July 2017 final report of the Faster Payments Task Force, how many of us actually make or receive a faster payment on regular basis? The […]


Jul 19, 2018

It’s impossible for me to forget the day I interviewed for a very unconventional internship with the Coro Foundation. It was 1970 and fresh out of Claremont McKenna College with a religion degree, I craved the […]


Jun 22, 2018

For much of the past decade, banking and payments have confronted the challenge of social media and its ensuing revolution. Some see social media as a place to meet customers. Some continue to work out how […]


May 14, 2018

“The blockchain’s the rails, bitcoin’s just one of the train cars,” says the sign in a fintech lab I visited recently. Cybercurrency disruption is becoming the new normal for commerce by turning the rails of blockchain […]
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Jun 22, 2017

Just as in the movie “Field of Dreams,” financial service leaders sometimes seem to put the product out there and hope they will come. Maybe a field of daydreams is more accurate. If you asked someone […]