Graham Seel



Jun 26, 2017

Everyone has heard comments such as these: “Data is your greatest asset.” “If you don’t learn how to leverage your data, you’ll get left behind.” “Your number one technology challenge is to get control over your data.” But is it really true for community...
Omnichannel customer


Mar 15, 2017

OK, for most of us this sounds crazy: Cash management is a commodity.  All the big banks do it. All the small banks offer it, even if they have to outsource it. Companies need it but […]
Millennial bankers 2


Feb 3, 2017

How do community banks and credit unions best cater to the needs of millennial consumers and business owners? On the first episode of BAI Banking Strategies' new podcast, we talk with Graham Seel, founder at BankTech Consulting, about the impact millennials...


Jan 20, 2017

There is more hype, discussion and disagreement about Blockchain than any other technology impacting financial services today. There has been a lot written about Blockchain (or more generally Digital Ledger Technology). There are some good tutorials […]


Dec 8, 2016

In an article last month, I listed some of the major challenges facing smaller financial institutions. One of them is the fact that customers are demanding more and more. The primary distinguishing feature of community banks […]


Nov 7, 2016

Community banks need to innovate. Most of us accept that. Too much is changing around us; too many other players are jumping on our turf. Regulators seem out to strangle us. And customers demand more and more. […]