John F. Wasik

John F. Wasik has written 17 books and contributed to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Planning, Bloomberg and Reuters. His firm JK Enterprises provides editing and writing services for financial services firms. He has spoken about investing, innovation and creativity across North America.



Nov 7, 2019

With the Federal Reserve making multiple interest-rate cuts this year, crafting a deposit growth strategy these days can feel like standing on a teeter-totter. An ever-cautious Fed doesn’t want to run out of wiggle room if […]
fintech regs


Jul 24, 2019

More than a few bankers believe fintechs (and would-be fintechs) should play by the same rules they do. And they’re certainly not alone. Just hours—literally—after Facebook announced its intention to launch the Libra cryptocurrency, members of both parties in Congress expressed...


Jun 21, 2019

To some bankers, the Current Expected Loss Standard (CECL) might as well be a reboot of Y2K. Remember? That was when computers were supposed to go haywire around the turn of the 21st Century. Of course, […]


Jan 11, 2019

For years, community and regional banks tossed proverbial pebbles to gain deposits as Goliath-like megabanks rolled out massive marketing campaigns. But in 2018, and into the new year, the Davids of the banking world may now have better slingshots. Small- and...
crystal ball


Nov 9, 2018

For all the fears and hand wringing sparked by the Great Recession, banks have weathered few if any financial tremors since it faded into the rear view. All in all, it’s been an ideal opportunity for […]
bank branches


Sep 24, 2018

Envision doing hatha yoga, hearing new music or catching an art exhibit in a really non-traditional setting: a bank branch. CaixaBank, the Barcelona-based bank holding company, is trying this idea out in its new...