Manish Grover



Aug 5, 2019

As the digital economy becomes more connected than ever, open banking has taken hold. It uses application program interfaces (APIs)—think of a hub that lets various apps work together—to open customer data access, improve customer experience […]


Jun 6, 2017

On a recent BAI Banking Strategies podcast, Chris Skinner outlined the tremendous implications of billions of connected devices, and how that calls us today to innovate and expand our efforts to embrace a near future when […]


Sep 27, 2016

There’s no doubt:  Technology innovation—and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in particular—are transforming how we connect, bank and pay. Except for digital currencies and non-bank blockchains such as bitcoin, we can safely say that banking and payments […]


Mar 9, 2016

A recent report on The Disruption of Banking by The Economist highlighted that more than half of the banks are either ignoring the Fintech trend, or talking but not doing anything about it. In 2016, we […]


Jan 12, 2016

Even as overall customer satisfaction with banks continues to rise, banking today is faced with a number of serious challenges; including the rise of non-bank competitors and the commoditization of core services in a digital age, […]