Mary Beth Sullivan

Analytics 2


Mar 27, 2015

For years banks have recognized that the small business market represents significant opportunity to drive both balance sheet and earnings growth. The reasons are straightforward. First, the small business market is large and growing. Currently there […]


Aug 13, 2012

As they plan for 2013 and beyond, many bank CEOs envision their companies as more focused on meeting the needs of businesses and business owners; having a greater percentage of commercial and industrial (C&I) loans on […]


Mar 27, 2012

One theme that appears consistently on agendas at banking industry conferences is the need for innovation to drive revenue and profitability growth. Yet, most of the pioneers in financial services have been non-bank companies as banks […]


Jun 24, 2011

Many industry analysts and practitioners clearly believe the future of retail banking requires a dramatic reduction in the absolute numbers of bank branches across the U.S. In a recent column, banking investor and analyst Tom Brown […]


Apr 5, 2011

Customer experience is much talked about in retail banking organizations today. The common wisdom holds that in an industry characterized by a high degree of commoditization (and perhaps overcapacity), the customer experience matters far more than […]