Mary Ellen Biery



Nov 7, 2018

Is growing the small business loan portfolio on your bank or credit union’s agenda? If so, you’re not alone. A recent survey by the American Bankers Association found that 61 percent of banks surveyed plan to moderately or aggressively ...
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Mar 26, 2018

In today’s competitive lending environment, a leading temptation for financial organizations is this: to focus on interest rates and terms to secure the small business customer. But is that a sustainable way to drive business loan […]


Aug 27, 2013

Banks, thrifts and credit unions are always wondering what regulators will focus on during their next safety and soundness exam. Based on our most recent Sageworks Bank & Credit Union Examination Survey, we can say that […]


Jul 2, 2013

Federal bank and credit union examiners insist that a reliable system for tracking exceptions needs to be part of any loan portfolio management process. And tracking deviations from the loan policy and underwriting standards is certainly […]


May 20, 2013

At a time when customers want more personalized service, financial institutions must balance credit risks with the importance of maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. Doing this with business customers can be tricky because their ability or willingness to […]