Robb Gaynor

AI Woman


Oct 15, 2018

Community banks have lost their edge in delivering a relationship-based banking model to local customers and businesses.  And yet, there is good news on the horizon, as they can get it back by embracing the next […]


Oct 23, 2017

In this one instance, you don’t have to check your smartwatch to know what time it is: The moment for wearables to advance has arrived. Financial mobility will see corresponding improvements; in other words, those really […]


Mar 10, 2017

On this episode of the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk with Robb Gaynor, chief product officer at Malauzai Software in Austin, Texas. Robb outlines the current breakthroughs in AI. These include "conversational banking," where platforms such as Alexa and...
Customer on Computer 2


Feb 28, 2017

You heard it here first, live: Point solutions that provide self-service digital banking are dead. And big banks will outsource their digital solutions to a greater degree than ever before.  All because of voice banking.  The […]
Millennial bankers 1


Mar 17, 2015

While mobile banking for consumers has become common, businesses are now demanding mobile banking services as well. Several large banks have met this need, most notably Wells Fargo with its CEO Mobile product, and now community […]