Tyson Nargassans



Oct 16, 2019

On the surface, it looks like good news: Customers’ “primary” banks and credit unions are maintaining that role as very few consumers report that they “switched” financial institutions in 2019, according to BAI Banking Outlook research. […]


Aug 13, 2019

Thanks to mobile technology and easy ecommerce, consumers find themselves in a new position of power where they compare their banking experience to other aspects of their effortless, seamless world. That poses a major quandary...


Jan 28, 2019

Is the end in sight for banks? In October, Gartner forecasted that most banks as we know them today will either go out of business or barely exist by 2030, squeezed out by new competition, changing […]


Jun 19, 2013

As the financial services industry emerges from the great recession and adapts to the new regulatory and slow-growth environments, financial institutions are being pressured to find new ways to generate revenue. The data that financial institutions […]