BAI Beacon In the News

BAI Beacon 2017 made plenty of headlines. From overarching recap podcasts, to a firsthand account from an emerging leader, there was plenty of BAI Beacon content to consume after the conference closed. 

Here is a look at a few of the post-Beacon recaps that share major themes and highlights from one of the most anticipated financial services conferences of 2017.

BIG FinTech Podcast: 'Shining a Light on FinTech Innovation'

BAI Beacon Artificial Intelligence sessionGlen Sarvady shares his takeaways from the conference, touching on the open campus, the BAI Global Innovation Awards, and the focus on artificial intelligence.

Sarvady's podcast also features interviews with, among others, BAI President and CEO Debbie Bianucci and BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Amy Radin.

Listen to the podcast here.

SLDNXT: 'BAI 2017: A Beacon of Insights'

BAI Beacon 2017 session audienceSLDNXT President Jean-Pierre Lacroix attended BAI Beacon and recapped his experience in a post-conference blog post.

Lacroix ran through valuable lessons learned on innovation, branch experience and talent management. He also commended BAI Beacon's "highly interactive" open campus.

"It's like a five ring Barnum and Bailey circus experience, taking learning and multi-tasking to a whole new level," Lacroix writes.

Read Lacroix's full post here.

GonzoBanker Podcast: 'Vendors, Acronyms & Philosophy at BAI Beacon'

BAI Beacon 2017 Light-Up Breakfast audienceCornerstone Advisors Senior Director Sam Kilmer, who was a BAI Beacon 2017 speaker, provides a review of the financial services conference in a GonzoBanker podcast.

"Sam talks vendors, acronyms and philosophy after attending this industry renowned event," the podcast's intro reads.

Listen to the podcast here.

William Mills Agency Podcast: 'BAI Beacon 2017 Buzzes with Innovation in Atlanta'

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud announcementIntroducing its BAI Beacon recap podcast, William Mills Agency writes that, "The overall mood at this year’s conference was one of continued innovation with conversations about the future of the industry and new technological advancements."

From there, the podcast looks back at highlights from the conference, including Salesforce's big announcement, the release of new research from Digital Banking Report, and the BAI Global Innovation Awards celebration.

Listen to the podcast here.

'Banking on Humans: BAI Beacon Lessons'

Yury Nabokov with Jim Marous and Ron ShevlinBAI Emerging Leaders Scholarship winner Yury Nabokov thoroughly and eloquently recapped his BAI Beacon experience in a LinkedIn article that highlighted lessons learned at conference sessions, the excitement of being included on a session panel himself, and the special networking opportunities his attendance provided.

"I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet and learn firsthand from the industry mavericks and experts like Ron Shevlin, Jim Marous, Sam Maule, Matteo Rizzi, Crystal Washington, and Professor David Robertson," Nabokov writes. "If you Google any of these names, you will find them at the top of every major #fintech, #AI, #cryptocurrency, #innovation, and #digitalmarketing lists of influencers."

Read Nabokov's full article here.