2017 Session Topics

BAI Beacon’s distinctive thought leadership highlights what matters today—and focuses on how to best prepare for tomorrow.

Attendees engaged in highly relevant content that equipped them to drive growth, manage innovation and harness the power of new and emerging technology, all within the context of a challenging compliance and regulatory environment.

Innovation & FinTech

Innovation & FinTech play key roles in financial services today; they disrupt the industry but also present some serious challenges. Yet great opportunities exist as well, and BAI Beacon’s the place to check them out. Innovation and FinTech insights will be presented on every stage—you’ll hear from the team at FinTechStage; Plug and Play will feature “FinTech Companies to Watch” that are ready to partner with financial institutions; and Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) FinTech GA will provide forward-looking perspectives based on its authoritative research. BAI Beacon will also showcase worldwide breakthroughs courtesy of the winners and finalists from BAI’s Global Innovation Awards. Want more? The Innovation Zone will also feature demos and dialogue. Innovation and FinTech: We’ve got you covered!
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Marketing & Product Development

As a marketing executive, you take on expanded, high-visibility roles within your organization. To help ensure your success, we’re bringing you valuable insights to tackle the most important challenges you face—including attribution, brand differentiation, customer experience, influencer marketing and much more. With the knowledge you gain, you’ll build a strong, strategic vision for your organization.
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Channel Optimization

Are you searching for omnichannel nirvana? Trying to leverage technology advancements such as AI and chatbots? Or are you simply seeking fresh, relevant perspectives on customer experience and branch transformation? If so, we’ve got what you need: powerful insights on the industry’s most critical trends, their impact and how you can use them to make a difference for your customers.
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Sales & Revenue Growth

In a competitive marketplace, success comes when you generate sustainable revenue streams and sell more effectively, even as you add value for customers. This track will help you navigate digital sales as you gain new perspectives on customer acquisition, compensation and sales incentives. This practical information can help you make a difference in the effort to drive profitability and engage customers.
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Talent Acquisition & Retention

Stiff competition for talent—combined with a smaller talent pool—has turned the effort to attract and retain top talent into a high priority across every line of business. Engagement, compensation, corporate culture and technology applications are just a few topics we’ll tackle to ensure you have the needed tools and knowledge to build productive, performance-driven teams for your organization.
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Community-Based Banking

Smaller financial services organizations, including community banks and credit unions, have a unique perspective on today’s challenges and opportunities, from leveraging FinTech to forming strategic partnerships. We designed these sessions with you in mind and will focus on all the key areas that impact your business—and help you make smart decisions that generate greater value for your customers and your organization.
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Compliance Strategy & Risk Management

In the context of today’s high-impact trends, you’ll look at compliance and risk management through a different lens at BAI Beacon. We’ll venture beyond the regulations to explore how to create a culture of compliance, leverage new technologies ("RegTech") and improve cross-functional collaboration to deliver on innovation and maximize partnership potential. This information will empower you to play an integral role in moving your organization forward.
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Business Banking

To succeed in business banking, you must understand the needs of this segment and possess the right internal capabilities to deliver on them. That’s why we’ll look at business banking from top to bottom, inside and out, including topics like the best organizational structure for the business banking function; how to prioritize and invest your resources; sales and customer acquisition; and how to leverage AI and other advanced technologies. All this will power your smart decisions and make a positive impact on existing and potential customers.
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Fraud & Cybersecurity

A vibrant and healthy financial services industry is important to the economy, especially for consumers and businesses. As the industry adds more channels and devices for conducting business, the threat and sophistication of fraud and cyber attacks also grows. This content stream will tackle some of the biggest issues and opportunities in fraud and cybersecurity: from next-gen authentication and partnerships to combat threats, to FinTech partners and advanced technologies that will combat attackers. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to make a difference by securing transactions, mitigating losses and building consumer confidence.
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Payments Strategy

The payments industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, as digital and advanced technologies, along with new platform options, impact the way financial institutions meet and exceed consumer expectations. This content stream will help you share your organization’s strategic vision—and keep you on top of the latest trends, technologies and revenue opportunities that payments has to offer.
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