What happened to BAI Retail Delivery and BAI Payments Connect?

To better meet the needs of financial services leaders, we made the decision to discontinue BAI Retail Delivery and BAI Payments Connect, creating a bold, new immersive experience, BAI Beacon.

What makes BAI Beacon different from other conferences?

The vision for BAI Beacon is to provide meaningful answers to the key questions that you are facing as a financial services leader. In everything we do, we want to bring unique views that you won’t find elsewhere. We want to help you connect the dots – by using the most relevant, up-to-date data, engaging with thought leaders and sparking the kind of synergistic brainstorming that plants true seeds of change. BAI Beacon is an event where ideas come in and blueprints come out.

Can you explain the “BAI Beacon open campus” concept?

The BAI Beacon Campus helps you move easily move from panel debates to case study presentations, from peer discussions to fintech demos. The layout is also designed to inspire informal huddles with thought leaders and more networking opportunities, helping you make the most of your experience. You decide where you want to be and what you want to do without limitations.

Is there an exhibit hall?

BAI Beacon does not have a traditional exhibit hall where hours and interactions are limited. Instead, FinTech companies and solutions providers are fully integrated into the BAI Beacon Campus so you can engage with them at any time. We have found this to be much more productive for both attendees and sponsors in making meaningful connections and benefitting from hands-on learning opportunities. Check out the sponsors who attended BAI Beacon in 2018.

What are some of the topics featured at BAI Beacon?

BAI Beacon is designed for leaders across financial services with responsibilities related to marketing, sales, operations, technology, channel strategies, training, HR and compliance. BAI Beacon takes an integrated approach to addressing the key challenges line of business leaders and their partners face, from leveraging AI and agile across the enterprise, to recalibrating digital and physical networks. From exploring talent management strategies that deepen customer relationships to creating meaningful, lasting customer experiences, BAI Beacon will provide clarity and confidence in making the decisions that are best for your organization. Check out the topics that were covered in our 2018 agenda.

Who are some of the featured speakers?

BAI Beacon features speakers from both in and outside the financial services industry to provide new perspectives and challenge your thinking. The 2018 keynote speakers brought a wealth of experience from unique brands like Amazon, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s and more. Check out the list of speakers from BAI Beacon 2018.

Are there any evening events for attendees?

Yes! BAI Beacon 2018 kicked off with an opening reception on Tuesday, October 9. It was an evening of inspiration and outstanding networking opportunities.

What will leaders walk away with after experiencing BAI Beacon?

You’ll explore new ideas and connect with a variety of industry leaders to help map a course to drive positive change in your organization. You’ll get actionable insights that help you plan for tomorrow while performing better today. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll stay connected to the key issues and peers you meet at BAI Beacon with webinars, podcasts, digital content and more.

What is the dress code for BAI Beacon?

Business casual attire is appropriate for the conference. We recommend that you bring a jacket or sweater in the event that temperatures in the BAI Beacon Campus can be difficult to regulate.

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