BAI Global Innovation Awards case study: A personal finance platform for women

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While there’s a lot of content designed to help people manage money, Synchrony discovered a need to speak directly to women – not only to inform them, but also to encourage and empower them in all aspects of their financial lives. The result is Millie, a purpose-built media brand for women that was selected as a finalist for the 2020 BAI Global Innovation Awards.

I enjoyed speaking with two women at the center of this fresh approach to financial empowerment. In our conversation, they offer insights into their journey as innovators, the obstacles they faced and the impact they’ve seen so far.

And a reminder that we are now collecting nominations for the 2021 BAI Global Innovation Awards — taking part in the industry’s leading showcase for innovation is a great way to highlight your impactful new ideas.

Holly Hughes is the chief marketing officer at BAI.

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