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Charles B. Wendel

Charles has extensive experience as a banker and a consultant and is a well-known public commentator on financial services industry issues.  Beginning his career with Citibank as a commercial lender, he also worked as a merchant banker with Schroders and Bankers Trust and as a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting and McKinsey & Co. before founding FIC Advisors in 1995.

  • Three priorities to set for 2016

    Charles B. Wendel Oct 9, 2015

    A bank’s strategic priorities for 2016 should include building excellence in cross sell, improving IT management and determining how to partner with alternative finance companies.

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  • Where consultants can add value

    Charles B. Wendel Aug 10, 2015

    The banker/consultant relationship may be fraught with tension, but there are circumstances in which consultants can be helpful.

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  • Banking response to alternative finance

    Charles B. Wendel May 22, 2015

    Given that alternative finance companies are likely here to stay, banks would be better off viewing them as potential partners rather than as competitors.

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  • To sell or not to sell

    Charles B. Wendel Apr 24, 2015

    Bankers need to weigh a lot of pros and cons as they consider whether to sell in the current economic and regulatory environment.

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  • No fun in banking anymore

    Charles B. Wendel Feb 13, 2015

    Restoring the ‘fun’ in banking requires bringing back appropriate risk taking and innovation.

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  • What bankers can learn from leasing

    Charles B. Wendel Jan 20, 2015

    Bankers can boost their own productivity by learning from the sales focus and culture found in leasing companies.

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