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Charles B. Wendel

Charles has extensive experience as a banker and a consultant and is a well-known public commentator on financial services industry issues.  Beginning his career with Citibank as a commercial lender, he also worked as a merchant banker with Schroders and Bankers Trust and as a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting and McKinsey & Co. before founding FIC Advisors in 1995.

  • Implementation Plan for Strategic Plan

    Charles B. Wendel Mar 24, 2014

    As banks go through their annual strategic planning exercise, they need to make sure they include a rigorous implementation plan.

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  • Growth is Easy

    Charles B. Wendel Feb 3, 2014

    While growing in the current environment may not seem easy, it can be achieved if banks are willing to reorganize sales processes, take advantage of Big Data and partner with alternative providers.

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  • Banks Are Not All the Same

    Charles B. Wendel Jan 3, 2014

    Bankers that fall into the 'we’re-all-the-same' trap are setting themselves up for failure, since it is possible for financial institutions to differentiate themselves.

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  • Making Acquisitions Work (for the Buyer)

    Charles B. Wendel Dec 3, 2013

    Too many banks these days, in an urge to grow, overlook the basic analytical procedures required when acquiring another institution.

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  • The Elephant in the Room Is People

    Charles B. Wendel Oct 4, 2013

    Managers who avoid taking action can leave an institution with underperforming employees who drag down overall results.

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  • Getting Value from Annual Strategy Sessions

    Charles B. Wendel Aug 19, 2013

    Although it seems a thankless task at times, annual strategic planning provides an important driver of future financial results.

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