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Chris Skinner

Chris is an independent commentator on financial services. He chairs the Financial Services Club, a European networking group that enables discussion between members and regulators, practitioners and futurists. At The Finanser, he assists clients as an advisor, as well as sometimes being commissioned to write or speak on their behalf at conferences and tradeshows. He is the author of Digital Bank and ValueWeb.

  • The regulatory effect in banking

    Chris Skinner May 15, 2015

    Bankers have many things to worry about but being ‘disrupted’ by alternative industries is not one of them. Reason: too much regulation.

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  • Role of the branch in the digital age

    Chris Skinner Apr 16, 2015

    While digital banking attracts the most affluent and financially confident customers, there will always be a role for the physical branch.

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  • New core systems required in digital age

    Chris Skinner Feb 24, 2015

    Banks that hire thousands of developers to maintain aging legacy systems are not fit to compete in the digital age.

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  • Bitcoin as Game Changer

    Chris Skinner Dec 22, 2014

    Far from being just a passing fad, Bitcoin has the potential to destroy banking, money and regulation as we know it.

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  • Coders as the rock stars of banking

    Chris Skinner Oct 6, 2014

    In a digital age, computer programmers and coders are the new royalty of banking.

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  • Bitcoin’s Disruptive Challenge

    Chris Skinner Jul 25, 2014

    Bankers may dismiss digital currencies like Bitcoin as a serious challenge, but what if this is the disruptive threat that goes mainstream?

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