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Chris Skinner

Chris is an independent commentator on financial services. He chairs the Financial Services Club, a European networking group that enables discussion between members and regulators, practitioners and futurists. At The Finanser, he assists clients as an advisor, as well as sometimes being commissioned to write or speak on their behalf at conferences and tradeshows. He is the author of Digital Bank and ValueWeb.

  • NFC: Wave of the Future or Dead Tech?

    Chris Skinner Nov 2, 2012

    Once heralded as the future of mobile payments, near field communication (NFC) increasingly appears headed for the technology graveyard.

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  • Is Banking Technology ‘Biological Suicide’?

    Chris Skinner Sep 25, 2012

    Recent technology glitches around the world expose the dangers of banks continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems.

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  • Get Ready for Facebook Banking

    Chris Skinner Aug 6, 2012

    Facebook credits may be passé but Facebook banking looks like it’s here to stay.

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  • Fidor Bank: Most Innovative Bank Concept

    Chris Skinner Jul 6, 2012

    Germany’s social media-savvy Fidor Bank stands out as the most innovative bank right now on the global stage.

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  • Barclays Pingit Galvanizes P2P

    Chris Skinner Jun 8, 2012

    The Barclays Pingit P2P app works well for both consumers and corporate customers, suggesting that a new stage in mobile payments has arrived.

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  • Innovators Break Rules: the Apple iWallet

    Chris Skinner Apr 24, 2012

    Innovation starts by redefining the competitive battleground, a la Apple. Are banks up to the challenge?

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