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Chris Skinner

Chris is an independent commentator on financial services. He chairs the Financial Services Club, a European networking group that enables discussion between members and regulators, practitioners and futurists. At The Finanser, he assists clients as an advisor, as well as sometimes being commissioned to write or speak on their behalf at conferences and tradeshows. He is the author of Digital Bank and ValueWeb.

  • Why Banks Struggle with Innovation

    Chris Skinner Jul 12, 2011

    While bankers often talk about innovation, walking the walk is tough given all the sacred cows blocking the road.

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  • Information Warfare as Threat to Banks

    Chris Skinner May 3, 2011

    Financial writer Chris Skinner says banks should worry about companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon because they’ve figured out that it’s all about customer data.

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  • Why Mobile is Critical to Banking

    Chris Skinner Feb 28, 2011

    Mobile payments is coming fast, spurred by the development of downloadable apps such as Angry Birds – little bits of money that soon add up to big money.

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  • Banking Ten Years Ahead

    Chris Skinner Jan 31, 2011

    Financial writer Chris Skinner takes out his crystal ball for a look at banking in 2020, predicting real-time communications based on chip devices and ‘social banks.’

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  • More Expensive ‘Plumbing’ for Global Commerce?

    Chris Skinner Dec 31, 2010

    New regulations imposed on financial institutions threaten to raise the cost of global commerce since banks provide the vital infrastructure for that commerce.

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  • The Proper Role of Banks

    Chris Skinner Nov 30, 2010

    Are banks obliged to serve social ends? Financial writer Chris Skinner argues that their real purpose is to facilitate commerce and trade.

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