George Warfel

George Warfel

George Warfel has worked in banking and payments for more than 30 years at SRI International, IBM and PwC. Currently he is General Manager, FinTech & Payments Strategy at IBM partner Haddon Hill Group, Inc. in Oakland, California. He can be reached at

  • Step up to strong strategic planning in a high-tech age

    George Warfel Nov 5, 2018

    Here’s how banks can improve strategic planning in an era of lightspeed high-tech advancement—and take the right actions today.

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  • How to strengthen strategic planning in the fintech age

    George Warfel Oct 22, 2018

    The sad truth is that most banks fail to look ahead when it comes to high-tech forecasting. Here’s how to regain a competitive advantage.

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  • For faster payments, a rapid state of change

    George Warfel Jul 31, 2018

    One year after a federal task force completed its groundbreaking work, here’s where faster payments stand in the U.S.

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  • For individuals and the banking industry, mentoring matters more than ever

    George Warfel Jul 19, 2018

    BAI has expanded its Emerging Leaders Network at the perfect time to meet the profession’s emergent needs.

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  • Facebook’s foibles and lessons in payments trust

    George Warfel Jun 22, 2018

    Social media’s dark side emerged in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s a teachable, encouraging moment for banks that put trust first.

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  • Why blockchain matters—and bitcoin doesn’t

    George Warfel May 14, 2018

    Many assume the digital ledger exists to trade cryptocurrency. In truth, blockchain stands to change banking for good, with or without bitcoin.

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