Karen Epper Hoffman

Karen Epper Hoffman has been writing about banking and technology issues for nearly a quarter of a century for publications including American Banker, Bloomberg Businessweek and Financial Times' The Banker. She has also spoken and moderated panels at industry conferences.

  • COVID-19 is raising the risk of insider bank jobs

    Karen Epper Hoffman May 11, 2020

    Slowing economy, layoffs and other stressors are making malicious employees a greater concern for the financial industry.

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  • Bank leaders set the tone for cultural transformation

    Karen Epper Hoffman Apr 20, 2020

    An 'open to change' mentality is needed at the top for financial institutions to fully realize their digital futures.

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  • COVID-19 puts scams on the rise at financial institutions

    Karen Epper Hoffman Mar 25, 2020

    Fraudsters are exploiting new opportunities with old tricks, from the "grandparent scam" to fake bank alerts.

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  • Branches hold key to deposit growth, customer service

    Karen Epper Hoffman Jan 29, 2018

    Despite shrinking numbers, branches maintain their customer appeal. Here’s how branches can keep customers and grow the bottom line.

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  • In Africa, payment advances pay off—big

    Karen Epper Hoffman Nov 21, 2017

    New pipelines to the underbanked and ways for the financially distressed to crowdfund in an instant make Africa the spark continent.

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  • How FinTechs finally found allure in community banks

    Karen Epper Hoffman Sep 21, 2017

    Once tech followers, community banks now make desirable partners for FinTechs that seek more speed to market—and less red tape.

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