Karen Epper Hoffman

Karen Epper Hoffman has been writing about banking and technology issues for nearly a quarter of a century for publications including American Banker, Bloomberg Businessweek and Financial Times' The Banker. She has also spoken and moderated panels at industry conferences.

  • Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

    Karen Epper Hoffman Jan 31, 2011

    While many banks are embracing cloud computing as a means to make their systems more agile and efficient, they’re also moving cautiously because of data security concerns.

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  • Social Media for Marketing Outreach

    Karen Epper Hoffman Oct 21, 2010

    Nielsen Co. executive Jesse Goranson says social media should be in every bank’s marketing tool box.

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  • Finding Your Inner Google

    Karen Epper Hoffman Oct 20, 2010

    Google executive Jerry Canning says it pays to be innovative – eventually.

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  • Targeting Branch Performance

    Karen Epper Hoffman Oct 19, 2010

    Branch profitability needs to be analyzed by individual branch rather than at the network level, says consultant Theo Moumtzidis.

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  • Prepaid Cards: Right for Banks?

    Karen Epper Hoffman Sep 1, 2010

    While the popularity of general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards is growing at a fast clip, banks need to weigh the pros and cons of offering them.

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  • Making Tracks for Mobile Payments

    Karen Epper Hoffman Aug 2, 2010

    As mobile payments gathers momentum, industry players need to decide on which type of technical infrastructure to route and process the transactions.

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