Karl Dahlgren

Karl Dahlgren

Karl joined BAI in 2014 with more than 20 years of experience in the banking, payments, and software industries. Karl leads the BAI Learning & Development line of business and is focused on giving financial services leaders the powerful tools they need to confidently manage their compliance training. His background includes leadership roles with ABN AMRO North America, and a technology start-up serving the financial payments industry. 

  • Drive your bank’s growth through smart industry research

    Karl Dahlgren Oct 29, 2018

    BAI Banking Outlook research in 2018 has revealed trends in talent management, customer retention and more. Here’s a look at findings that matter.

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  • Three ways to refresh your organization’s view of compliance

    Karl Dahlgren Aug 15, 2018

    Compliance, more than ever, deserves a fresh look at a time when banks seek competitive advantage and improved productivity.

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  • Building your best culture of compliance, and beyond

    Karl Dahlgren May 11, 2018

    A ‘punch list’ mindset puts financial institutions at risk. Treating training as an opportunity means a win for customers, shareholders and banks.

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  • Blanket security: How AI is remaking risk management

    Karl Dahlgren Jan 5, 2018

    Whether by ignorance, uncertainty or even fear, some banks are late to AI. Here’s what they stand to gain by getting on board—now.

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  • Facing compliance unknowns with get-ready know-how

    Karl Dahlgren May 15, 2017

    A new administration has promised to strip back financial industry regulations. But meanwhile, banks must prepare rather than predict.

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  • Time to worry about revised HMDA is now

    Karl Dahlgren Mar 14, 2016

    Although the deadline for complying with the revised Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) is two years away, lenders would be well advised to focus on it now.

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