Lauri Giesen

Lauri Giesen

Lauri Giesen has spent more than 25 years writing about banking technology and payments for numerous business and financial publications. In the 1990s, she founded and edited Financial Service Online, a magazine covering Internet-based forays into banking and investment services.

  • Qualified Mortgage Rule Adds to Compliance Burden

    Lauri Giesen Dec 31, 2016

    The new Qualified Mortgage rules reduce the number of qualified mortgage approvals and increase compliance costs, lenders say.

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  • In a mobile wallet world, banks seek upwardly mobile edge

    Lauri Giesen Nov 29, 2016

    Digitally, there’s room in a mobile wallet for all. But every bank wants their cards used first. How can they make that happen?

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  • Redesigning the Community Bank Branch

    Lauri Giesen Sep 23, 2014

    Community banks need to redesign their branches as much as larger banks, says a panelist at the upcoming BAI Retail Delivery 2014.

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  • Minimizing Cost with Mini-branches

    Lauri Giesen Jul 22, 2013

    While mini-branches won’t replace traditional branches they do enable banks to serve some areas more cost effectively.

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  • Mobile as Sales Supplement, not Sales Substitute

    Lauri Giesen Dec 21, 2012

    Mobile banking can be an effective sales tool for banks but only if used in conjunction with other sales channels, say BAI Retail Delivery 2012 speakers.

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  • Paperless Banking Gains Ground

    Lauri Giesen Sep 12, 2012

    Environmental benefits or not, converting paper into electronic documents is bringing gains in both efficiency and customer service.

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