BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo

An award-winning journalist, Lou Carlozo previously worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, AOL, Reuters and U.S. News & World Report. He lives in Chicago.  He can be reached at
  • Podcast: Credit unions, community banks and the path to frictionless customer service

    Lou Carlozo Aug 14, 2018

    Joe Salesky, the CEO at CRMNEXT Inc., discusses how the marriage of technology and proactivity can help banks deliver seamless customer experiences.

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  • Podcast: An invitation to banking innovation

    Lou Carlozo Aug 7, 2018

    JP Nicols of FinTech Forge talks about how this year's finalists for the BAI Global Innovation Awards exemplify first-class innovation across categories from data analytics to community impact.

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  • Podcast: High-tech, high-level access and the 720-degree view of the customer

    Lou Carlozo Jul 24, 2018

    Oracle’s Sonny Singh discusses how banks need to adopt an overarching high-tech mindset that embraces innovation to give customers maximum value and satisfaction, inside and outside the branch.

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  • Podcast: Employee engagement, customer experience and banking excellence

    Lou Carlozo Jul 17, 2018

    Titi Cole, executive vice president, head of operations at Wells Fargo, talks about the changing technologies and mission of bank employees as they strive to make life better for their customers.

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  • Podcast: New ways to weigh credit worthiness for consumers

    Lou Carlozo Jul 10, 2018

    Poulomi Damany, vice president of data products for Credit Karma, discusses how banks can more effectively gauge the risk of lending to underserved consumers by using data beyond the FICO score.

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  • Podcast: Cybercurrency, security and the future of money

    Lou Carlozo Jun 26, 2018

    Al DeBonnett talks about moving towards a cashless society, and how this will impact the future of financial sovereignty in the U.S. and worldwide.

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