Lou Carlozo

An award-winning journalist, Lou Carlozo previously worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, AOL, Reuters and U.S. News & World Report. He lives in Chicago.  He can be reached at lcarlozo@bai.org.
  • Podcast: The future of digital banking

    Lou Carlozo Feb 17, 2017

    On this episode of our BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk about the impact that high-tech innovations from artificial intelligence to implantables are having on the banking industry.

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  • Alior Bank takes a savvy step forward in debt collection

    Lou Carlozo Feb 16, 2017

    Alior Bank’s AI-driven debt collection approach means a positive customer experience and return on investment, a feat honored through BAI’s Global Innovation Awards.

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  • The future of faster payments

    Lou Carlozo Feb 10, 2017

    In our latest episode of BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk with payments leader Ian Schweid about the work of the Faster Payments Task Force, the rapid changes impacting financial services, and a payments future where driverless cars and appliances could take the lead in consumer interactions.

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  • For CaixaBank customers, a sweet deal is in the cards

    Lou Carlozo Feb 9, 2017

    CaixaBank’s streamlined risk modeling means a seamless customer experience, a feat honored at the 2016 BAI Global Innovation Awards.

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  • Podcast: Millennials and community banking

    Lou Carlozo Feb 3, 2017

    Business and technology expert Graham Seel shares his insights on how community-based financial services organizations can build a good user experience, especially where millennials are concerned.

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  • Private eyes, indeed: Wells Fargo business customers benefit from eyeprint technology

    Lou Carlozo Feb 2, 2017

    The technology scans the finer features of the eye to create a new layer of banking security—and enough buzz to earn accolades in the BAI Global Innovation Awards.

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