BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo is the former managing editor of BAI Banking Strategies
  • An NBA veteran’s winning insights on all-star talent

    Lou Carlozo Oct 23, 2019

    After five years as the NBA’s chief of human resources, Eric Hutcherson has a championship record on talent, diversity, inclusion and more.

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  • How to gain points by tackling small business pain points

    Lou Carlozo Oct 22, 2019

    Small businesses are a big deal but that doesn't mean they've had the easiest time working with banks and credit unions. Chris Spiek, vice president of customer acquisition at Autobooks, discusses designing and executing the right solutions to win the loyalty of this dynamic customer segment on this week’s podcast.

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  • Innovation insights: A look at the 2019 BAI Global Innovation Awards winners

    Lou Carlozo Oct 15, 2019

    Fresh off announcing this year's winners of the BAI Global Innovation Awards, BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci shares what makes this year's crop stand out and how true innovation permeates every layer of a forward-thinking financial institution.

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  • Digital transformation: The CFO as superhero

    Lou Carlozo Sep 24, 2019

    Danny Baker, vice president of market strategy, Financial and Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv, discusses the role of the CFO as superhero, driving change in the age of digital transformation.

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  • Three pillars to build community banking success

    Lou Carlozo Sep 17, 2019

    David Furnace, the CEO of Haberfeld Associates, talks about how community banks can establish leadership in the marketplace by building on three pillars of success.

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  • Where banking success meets behavioral finance

    Lou Carlozo Sep 10, 2019

    How does behavioral finance shape the important financial decisions consumers make? Meg Goodman, operational leader for Jacobs & Clevenger, breaks it down.

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