BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo

An award-winning journalist, Lou Carlozo previously worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, AOL, Reuters and U.S. News & World Report. He lives in Chicago.  He can be reached at
  • Podcast: The top decisions of 2019 with the BAI Leadership Team

    Lou Carlozo Jan 8, 2019

    BAI's leadership team tackles the hot topics for 2019, including talent management, data-driven customer experience and strengthening relationships.

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  • Podcast: The big branch trends for 2019

    Lou Carlozo Jan 1, 2019

    David Kerstein, president of Peak Performance Consulting Group, shares his views on what lies ahead for branch banking in 2019.

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  • Podcast: How banks can win at gamification

    Lou Carlozo Dec 11, 2018

    John Findlay, founder and CEO of Launchfire, explains the benefits of gamification for banks and their employees.

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  • Podcast: Paths to profitable digital partnerships

    Lou Carlozo Dec 4, 2018

    Ben Schack, leader of U.S. digital partnerships at BMO Financial Group, discusses how banks can guide and mentor fintechs to maturity and create winning partnerships.

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  • Podcast: Winning the data game

    Lou Carlozo Nov 27, 2018

    Clark Richey, chief technology officer at FactGem, discusses how to collect, protect and leverage the data banks have at their disposal.

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  • Podcast: Prime payments insights from the Fed

    Lou Carlozo Nov 13, 2018

    Connie Theien, senior vice president, industry relations program, for the Federal Reserve System, discusses the revolutions stemming from the work of the Fed's Faster Payments Task Force.

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