• Anne Brennan
    Anne Brennan Jul 20, 2018

    The bank office renovation revolution

    Slapping down new carpet and paint is out. So are cubicles. But rooftop patios give workers and customers a lift, even as bank expenses drop.

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  • Why foreign exchange fees for credit cards need to be curbed

    Eric Grover_resized
    Eric Grover Jun 29, 2018

    Self-regulation can halt foreign-exchange charges on credit cards that are a bad deal for consumers. Here’s how global retail-payment networks can lead the charge.

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  • How open banking will reinvent U.S. banking

    Nick Frankland
    Nick Frankland Jun 28, 2018

    Open banking means new rules and requires a new mindset. But are American banks ready to seize the opportunity?

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  • BAI Beacon 2018: Banking in action

    Debbie Bianucci
    Debbie Bianucci Jun 27, 2018

    BAI’s president and CEO shares how the October event will foster blueprints for decisive action in areas from AI to talent management.

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  • Podcast: Cybercurrency, security and the future of money

    BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo
    Lou Carlozo Jun 26, 2018

    Al DeBonnett talks about moving towards a cashless society, and how this will impact the future of financial sovereignty in the U.S. and worldwide.

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  • In the new world of ‘phygital’ insights, tech anticipates customer expectations

    Andrzej Szewczyk
    Andrzej Szewczyk Jun 25, 2018

    Banks that include a pair of 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards standouts are leveraging strategies that blend the physical and digital customer experiences.

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  • Facebook’s foibles and lessons in payments trust

    George Warfel
    George Warfel Jun 22, 2018

    Social media’s dark side emerged in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s a teachable, encouraging moment for banks that put trust first.

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  • Some banks fear Amazon—but here’s what Amazon fears

    Lee Wetherington
    Lee Wetherington Jun 21, 2018

    Chinese online merchants now integrate social media, ecommerce and finance. But all banks can get ready for the sea changes ahead.

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