• Karl Dahlgren
    Karl Dahlgren Jan 10, 2019

    Why banks need analytics to create relevance with customers

    It’s time to integrate data and use analytics to win business. But banks must first resolve to dismantle internal barriers and learn from fintechs.

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  • Framework for Branch Reductions

    Dan Shannon Dec 7, 2011

    An analytical framework for determining branch profitability is required as bankers approach the difficult task of deciding whether to close unprofitable or marginal branches.

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  • Confronting the Revenue Growth Challenge

    Mark Riddle Aug 15, 2011

    BAI’s Mark Riddle highlights bank plans for restoring profitability through both expense control and greater share of wallet.

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  • Banking’s Future: Better Than You Might Think

    Ajay Nagarkatte Feb 16, 2011

    While bankers unquestionably face a challenging environment, recent BAI Research suggests strategies for future growth.

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