Executive Reports

  • CECL: The critical countdown

    May 2019
    The greatest change to financial services bookkeeping in generations, CECL promises to revolutionize how banks and credit unions report losses. It will demand intense focus, tech savvy and discipline to implement: for loan underwriters, internal auditors, all the way up to the C-suite. But rather than throw their collective hands in the air, bankers can get ready with confidence and then some.
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  • Fraud and cybersecurity staying steps ahead

    Apr 2019
    The unfettered greed of today's hackers could blind them to what we as an industry can do when we pool our best minds and strongest tech. For as much as cybersecurity remains a threat and a concern, it also needs to be a dialogue. A team effort. Action, not reaction. In focusing on fraud and cybersecurity, this executive report aims to promote the proactive and the powerful: what banks can do now to stay out of harm's way and build robust defenses.
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  • Raising the customer engagement bar

    Mar 2019
    Whether using customer data to address pain points and forge seamless experiences—such as with opening accounts online—or creating a mobile app that thrills community bank customers, 2019 has all the makings of a year when innovative institutions take great leaps forward. In this executive report, we touch on the many paths financial institutions can take to achieve excellence.
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  • Marketing moves forward

    Feb 2019
    Savvy marketing means far more than “good luck.” And while the noise floor often resembles a tsunami of static, some brands and banks do succeed mightily. But they're certainly not doing it by the playbook of a generation ago. In this executive report, we examine a number of lessons financial services leaders can leverage to develop innovative and strategic marketing tools to engage effectively along the customer lifecycle.
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  • Tuning into your customer's needs

    Jan 2019
    How do savvy banks identify and solve customer needs? How can we make a difference when fraud strikes? How can small-dollar lending and easier access to cash make a big impact for customers? In this executive report, we examine a number of key customer pain points with an eye towards the steps financial services organizations can take to better engage with the unbanked and underbanked consumer and small business owner in today's evolving economy.
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  • Decisions bankers need to make for 2019

    Dec 2018
    Venturing into the New Year, BAI has sought out its own thought leaders as well as three industry experts to offer their best predictions for the 12 months ahead. The report encompasses themes that include talent management; fraud; building customer relationships through empathy; rethinking the approach to baby boomers; analytics and customer relevance; and evolving the digital customer journey. This combination of articles, and the actionable insights they contain, adds up to an executive report like no other and your ideal read to kick off a successful 2019.
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  • Executive Report: Rewriting the rules for deposit growth

    Nov 2018
    Whatever 2019 brings to the deposit growth landscape, this much is certain: Things won't get any simpler and quick fixes won't work. The challenge of growing deposits requires due diligence, extra vigilance and constant cultivation. In this executive report, we take on deposit growth with a singular goal: to provide clarity and actionable insights at a time when understandable confusion and concern have dominated the discussion.
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  • Maximizing the Power of Banking Channels

    Oct 2018
    Digesting channel intelligence takes focus; acting on it requires commitment; building on it means laying foundations that didn’t need to exist all that long ago. But there’s no need to whack at channels and hope for the best. Perhaps properly tamed, today’s plethora of channels will help us create the seamless, peerless, connected banking experience of the future—and help us, in fact, to dig deeper. This executive report will help get you there.
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