Executive Reports

  • Banking Innovation: It’s more than just FinTech

    Oct 2017
    So much of what happens in the banking industry today boils down to this popular conclusion: Innovation equals FinTech. Yet innovation is more than the latest technology—much more. Breakthroughs can be measured across many meaningful dimensions, from marketing to channel innovation, superlative collaborations to societal impact. And some categories, such as customer experience, bring together the best of new technology with insights on where (and how) consumers want the human touch. The bottom line: Maximum progress and impact can’t be accomplished through one gadget, one short-term goal or one business initiative. When it truly shines, innovation aligns with mission.
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  • Steering through banking's channels

    Sep 2017
    Articles in this report include: The heart of customer centricity: Insights from BAI’s banking research At the roots of the branch, transformation via analytics New accounts aren’t enough to make branches prosper. Every strategy requires specifics—and analytics to turn vagueness to clarity. Branching out on a limb: Thinking beyond channels to deliver unsurpassed customer experiences Please continue to hold on: Call centers struggle to fight the rise of cyber fraud BI + BA = CA (customer acquisition) Four roots of the branch: How to grow personal, professional customer service The revolution will be improvised: Five innovations that could change branch banking
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  • The case for community banking

    Aug 2017
    Community banks face challenges that cover nearly every conceivable business concern—which makes the topic of this executive report special. The stories that follow cast a clear eye on both the nature of those challenges, and ways community banking leaders are meeting them.
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  • FinTech: From disrupter to partner

    Jul 2017
    Just a few years ago, banks and FinTechs were considered direct competitors and in some cases hostile adversaries. FinTechs saw banks as stodgy; banks saw FinTechs as reckless. All that has changed, though, as banking organizations and FinTechs find new ways to partner, grow with each other and multiply value.
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  • Banking’s digital transformation

    Jun 2017
    Before the appearance of the first iPhone, digital banking was more theoretical than practical. But mobile platforms are just beginning, as the Internet of Things (devices that talk to each other) and the Internet of Value (blockchain) promise to change banking forever.
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  • Marketing that Rises Above the Noise

    May 2017
    While marketing in 2017 takes many forms, keep in mind that your customers value two bottom lines: one financial, the other relational. This BAI Executive Report provides insights on how financial services organizations can approach both fronts.
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  • Navigating the Compliance Curve

    Apr 2017
    Negotiating compliance challenges remains a complex, burdensome task. Even if banks strive to do the right thing time after time, any search for simplicity remains a non-starter. This BAI Executive Report provides actionable insights on the steps bankers can take to stay on top of the compliance curves ahead.
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  • Payments on the March

    Feb 2017
    Keeping up with all the change in payments represents a challenging prospect, to say the least. But in these pages, the issue of payments gets the forward-looking attention it deserves, with four pieces addressing different dimensions of the landscape in 2017.
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