• BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo
    Lou Carlozo Sep 10, 2019

    Where banking success meets behavioral finance

    How does behavioral finance shape the important financial decisions consumers make? Meg Goodman, operational leader for Jacobs & Clevenger, breaks it down.

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  • Channel or device? The debate goes on

    Clint Swift May 6, 2013

    Is mobile banking a channel or a device? Great minds can disagree but the customer experience may be the critical determinant in settling the question.

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  • Turning Small Business into Big Business

    Mar 11, 2013

    While small businesses may be costly to serve, they also constitute one of the most attractive customer segments for revenue-starved bankers, according to a new BAI Research study.

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  • Connecting to Payments Change

    Debbie Bianucci
    Debbie Bianucci Mar 4, 2013

    The ever-changing world of payments requires innovation, strategic choices and excellence in execution.

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  • Relationships Built on Trust

    Mark Riddle Aug 17, 2012

    Financial institutions say they want to be “relationship focused,” but doing so will require winning back some lost customer trust.

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  • How to Generate Loan Growth

    Mark Riddle May 11, 2012

    The efforts by banks to focus their loan generation activities on high-value customer segments will require top-quality implementation by well-trained frontline employees.

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  • Segmentation Comes of Age

    Mar 28, 2012

    A new study from BAI Research finds that customer segmentation strategies are the key to improving share of wallet among existing customers.

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  • Framework for Branch Reductions

    Dan Shannon Dec 7, 2011

    An analytical framework for determining branch profitability is required as bankers approach the difficult task of deciding whether to close unprofitable or marginal branches.

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