Terry Badger
Nov 17, 2020

COVID-19 as a real-life stress test for credit risk

What are the challenges of extreme tail events and how does going through COVID-19 help improve future risk modeling? Two experts in credit risk analysis at Moody’s Analytics share their insights on this week's podcast.

What question is critical for financial services leaders to answer in 2019?

Jan 4, 2019

Not Supported Featuring discussions with: JP Nicols, managing director, FinTech Forge Titi Cole, executive vice president, head of operations, Wells Fargo Ben Schack, head of U.

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Podcast: The big branch trends for 2019

Lou Carlozo Jan 1, 2019

Not Supported Are branches here to stay or going away? Is more high tech a good thing or an obstacle to human connection? The questions won’t go away; smart answers are hard to find.

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Tuning into your customer’s needs

Jan 1, 2019

Podcast: How banks can win at gamification

Lou Carlozo Dec 11, 2018

Not Supported If you’ve ever wondered why banks should teach employees serious content in amusing and engaging ways, consider the bottom-line effect it can have on customer interaction and experience.

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Podcast: Paths to profitable digital partnerships

Lou Carlozo Dec 4, 2018

Not Supported Many banks now believe it’s a great idea to work with fintechs.

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Podcast: Winning the data game

Lou Carlozo Nov 27, 2018

Not Supported Big data is huge—literally—as a game changer in the financial services industry.

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Podcast: Prime payments insights from the Fed

Lou Carlozo Nov 13, 2018

Not Supported The Faster Payments Task Force has worked tirelessly to lay the foundation for a U.

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Podcast: Branches, digital channels and customer experience without equal

Lou Carlozo Nov 6, 2018

Not Supported More than ever, banks need to combine the physical and the digital into an omnichannel experience that exemplifies customer experience at its finest.

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Podcast: Sales and the magic touch of high-touch coaching

Lou Carlozo Oct 30, 2018

Not Supported Coaching a sales team in an age of runaway high tech is arguably harder than ever.

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