Terry Badger
Jul 13, 2021

Banking customers share what they want and need

Banks and credit unions seeking to tighten connections with their customers need to know what those customers value. On this podcast, Karl Dahlgren from BAI shares interesting and surprising results from the latest BAI Banking Outlook research on consumer banking preferences.

Better tech is the key to better banking regulation

Terry Badger May 18, 2021

Protecting customers and staying onside with the regulators are perennial challenges for financial services organizations. On this week's podcast, Alliance for Innovative Regulation's David Ehrich discusses how technology is helping now and how better tech could help even more.

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What bankers need to know, generation by generation

Terry Badger Apr 27, 2021

New BAI research is out with detailed portraits of typical members of each generation and what they want from their financial services providers. BAI's Karl Dahlgren digs into the numbers and shares insights that can benefit banks and credit unions.

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Digital transformation, now and in the future

Terry Badger Apr 20, 2021

Banks and credit unions have digitally adapted to the changes that came with COVID. Where do those efforts go from here? Get insights from Fiserv’s Danny Baker and Josh Spisak on the BAI podcast.

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The case for wealth management at community banks

Terry Badger Apr 13, 2021

When a community bank adds wealth management to its lineup of services, it can help deepen the bank’s relationship with customers while increasing revenue. RobustWealth CEO Mike Kerins shares additional insights on the BAI Banking Strategies podcast.

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Rethinking credit risk in underserved communities

Terry Badger Apr 6, 2021

Accessing capital can be a challenge for small business owners in lower-income communities, largely because of how lenders assess the credit risk of these would-be borrowers. Brad McConnell, CEO of Allies for Community Business, discusses a novel way to gauge repayment risk in underserved areas.

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Reimagining the branch in a digital age

Terry Badger Mar 30, 2021

Banking is speeding headlong into its digital future. So where does that leave the branch? Industry veteran Jon Voorhees discusses what he envisions in the years ahead.

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Branches have a bright future yet to be fully determined

Terry Badger Mar 22, 2021

Gain insights on the role branches will play in the future and why branches will remain an important asset for banks and credit unions.

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3 keys to creating more inclusive marketing

Holly Hughes Mar 17, 2021

Examine your process, resources and business integration to inspire meaningful progress for your brand.

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Thinking small can lead to big digital results

Terry Badger Mar 16, 2021

The idea of undertaking a digital transformation can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Hear how bank and credit union leaders can accelerate big digital makeovers with “micro-transformations.”

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