Terry Badger
Nov 17, 2020

COVID-19 as a real-life stress test for credit risk

What are the challenges of extreme tail events and how does going through COVID-19 help improve future risk modeling? Two experts in credit risk analysis at Moody’s Analytics share their insights on this week's podcast.

A new way to detect bias in banking

Terry Badger Jul 21, 2020

When people interact with a financial institution, they expect to be treated fairly. It’s not too much to ask, yet the complaint files suggest there may be gaps between the goal and the reality.

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Digital banking catches a tailwind

Terry Badger Jul 14, 2020

Digital banking has gained momentum as COVID-19 has dried up branch visits and face-to-face interactions. BAI's Mark Riddle and Jason Mencias discuss digital banking trends, what different demographics value and how financial institutions are handling the pandemic's disruptions.

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Getting the most out of that reopened branch

Terry Badger Jul 7, 2020

Brian Wallace, general manager for banking at Reflexis Systems, joins us with insights on what banks and credit unions can learn from the COVID-19 experience in making their branch operations more efficient.

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Changing the thinking on compliance training

Terry Badger Jun 29, 2020

A view from the front lines with BAI's Ed Marcheselli.

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Using CX to stand out from the crowd

Terry Badger Jun 23, 2020

SAS principals David Williams and Joan McGowan share insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward digital, and how banks and credit unions can modernize their digital CX to gain a competitive advantage.

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COVID-19 is raising America’s cash stash

Debbie Bianucci Jun 22, 2020

BAI research shows that deposits are up significantly as families spend less and worry more about their liquidity needs, writes BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci.

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How banks can meet the moment on diversity, equity and inclusion

Terry Badger Jun 16, 2020

What is the DEI landscape like within banks and credit unions? What can these organizations do to address long-standing issues of race and inequality? Diane Ashley, CEO of DTA Diversity Counts and former chief diversity officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, shares her insights.

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It’s time to put words into action for diversity, equity and inclusion

Debbie Bianucci Jun 10, 2020

BAI is fully committed to working with financial services leaders to address enduring inequalities in the workplace.

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COVID-19 puts customer support on the fast track to change

Terry Badger Jun 9, 2020

D.J. Haskins, head of marketing at SilverCloud, shares what he's seeing from clients as a result of the pandemic, and how the lessons learned this spring may change customer support in the years ahead.

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