Terry Badger
Nov 30, 2021

Technology is speeding up the mortgage process

As banks and credit unions undergo digital transformation, the mortgage department is getting its share of attention. ServiceLink's Phillip Petrie joins us to discuss how automation and other advances are streamlining the mortgage process.

TD wants to be the ‘go-to’ bank for Black and Latinx customers

Terry Badger Aug 3, 2021

Michael Innis-Thompson, the head of community lending at TD Bank, joins us to talk about TD's $105-million fund to help minority-owned small businesses and an even bolder initiative that the bank is undertaking.

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Customer focus is key for middle-market banks

Terry Badger Jul 27, 2021

Danelle Faust from Accenture Interactive shares a customer-centered strategy that can help middle-market banks compete more effectively with the industry’s biggest players despite the size gap.

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Banking customers share what they want and need

Terry Badger Jul 13, 2021

Banks and credit unions seeking to tighten connections with their customers need to know what those customers value. On this podcast, Karl Dahlgren from BAI shares interesting and surprising results from the latest BAI Banking Outlook research on consumer banking preferences.

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What is banking’s role in addressing climate change?

Terry Badger Jul 6, 2021

It may surprise banks and credit unions to know that they are seen by some as high emitters of climate-altering carbon. Emily Kreps, global director for capital markets at CDP Worldwide, explains the thinking behind the high-emitter status, and what bankers can do to change it.

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Open banking and the future of customer relationships

Terry Badger Jun 29, 2021

The pandemic-related upswing in digital banking is also adding momentum to open banking. On our podcast, Nick Farrow from Modern Treasury discusses where open banking stands in the U.S. now, and how it may change future customer relationships.

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Branches gear up as pandemic winds down

Karl Dahlgren Jun 23, 2021

As financial services organizations position themselves for the future, they should focus on enhancing both human and digital channels. Karl Dahlgren, managing director of research at BAI, shares new BAI survey results that explain why.

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What small businesses need from their banks now

Terry Badger Jun 22, 2021

After more than a year of extreme stress and uncertainty, America’s small businesses are gathering momentum in a bustling economy. Patrick Smith, head of small business banking at Santander Bank, joins us to offer his thoughts on what small businesses need most from their banks now, and how best to deliver it to them.

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Bank branches: Form and function for the future

Terry Badger Jun 15, 2021

The branch isn’t going away but it is evolving. PWCampbell CEO Jim Caliendo offers his thoughts on where branches are headed – what they’ll look like, what they’ll offer and more.

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Impact investors seek to do well by doing good

Terry Badger Jun 8, 2021

For many investors, their expected return is more than maximum profitability. They also want their capital to produce a positive social impact. Ron Homer, long-time investment manager at RBC Global Asset Management, joins us to talk about impact investing and how its appeal is growing.

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