Terry Badger
Sep 27, 2022

Want to connect better with customers? Try empathy

Terri Panhans from Vericast shares her insights on the ways contact centers are evolving as day-to-day banking transactions go increasingly digital.

How banks can do more for small businesses

Terry Badger Apr 26, 2022

BAI managing director Karl Dahlgren joins us to talk about new BAI Banking Outlook research that sheds light on what small businesses want and need from their banks.

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Better banking using digital ID verification

Terry Badger Apr 19, 2022

IDology's Heidi Hunter joins us to talk about digital identity verification and how it can help banks and credit unions deliver speed and security.

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How to help Americans become smarter about money

Terry Badger Apr 12, 2022

April is Financial Literacy Month. To celebrate, Rod Griffin, who leads consumer education at Experian, joins us for a conversation about how banks and credit unions can help Americans improve their financial health.

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It’s not too late for community banks to digitally transform

Terry Badger Apr 5, 2022

Two years after the pandemic began, the rush to digital by banks and credit unions continues at a rapid clip. BrightFi's Josh Brown joins us to discuss what digital transformation might look like for smaller financial institutions.

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Balancing climate urgency and business reality

Terry Badger Mar 29, 2022

Climate First Bank founder and CEO Ken LaRoe joins us to talk about his startup institution, its name and its values in the context of broader issues in banking today.

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Mobile banking is building beyond its pandemic spike

Terry Badger Mar 28, 2022

The latest BAI Executive Report examines the mobile experience as it stands now and where it may be heading in the coming years.

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Why community banks should be moving on crypto

Terry Badger Mar 8, 2022

With all the pressing challenges community banks face, should they also devote brain space to cryptocurrencies? Finastra chief innovation officer Shuki Licht makes his case for why community banks should be focused on crypto now.

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Creating a high-end digital customer experience

Terry Badger Mar 1, 2022

Improving the digital customer experience is a top business challenge for financial services providers. PenFed Credit Union's Gaurav Bhatia and BAI's Terry Badger discuss PenFed's approach to digital CX for its 2.6 million members.

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Data can help create credit for the underbanked

Terry Badger Feb 16, 2022

Millions of Americans are living their lives largely outside the banking system. Lisa Fischer, chief growth and lending officer at Mission Lane, joins us to discuss how data can be used to provide more financial access to the underbanked.

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